VAT ID no deposit with eBay

eBay is now making mandatory information for online traders compulsory! As a retailer, you should always bear this in mind.

Without VAT ID no no more ebay

Every online retailer should actually provide their VAT ID no. on ebay and other online platforms. But there are also exceptions, such as small entrepreneurs or start-ups that have only just begun.

In any case, by 01.07.2021 the VAT ID no. must be deposited with ebay, otherwise the trader will be excluded from selling on the platform.

The imprint should also have been added long ago. After all, this is mandatory information, which includes the legal form, company name with address and contact details. This mandatory information must be combined with the information on the VAT ID no. otherwise you may be excluded from the sales platform.

Other online platforms will follow with this mandatory information. Otherwise there is a risk of exclusion from the platforms. Actually, these are all well-known specifications and obligations on the part of the seller. But now missing information is no longer tolerated because online platforms also have to pay attention to their mandatory information.

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