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Subke GmbH has been a fulfillment service provider since 2015 and was founded by Harald Subke. This page should really be called "We for you", because it's all about you and how we can best support you as a retailer or manufacturer. In doing so, we always want to keep your concerns as an online retailer in mind.

Subke GmbH since 2015

Subke Gmbh Fulfillment Center
Subke Fulfillment Centre

Start as an online retailer


Harald Subke began selling sunglasses online in 2003, primarily via the eBay and Amazon sales platforms, but also via his own online store.


Initially, sunglasses were purchased from various wholesalers, but in 2004, after only one year, the first sunglasses were produced especially for us.


Since then, the assortment has been slowly but steadily expanded and thus the clientele has also grown. In 2010, the name Subke was registered as a brand for sunglasses and continued to be manufactured and sold under the own brand.


In 2014, the range was expanded to include knitwear, bags and umbrellas and a limited company was founded.

For the growing assortment and increasing orders, the first own warehouse was built and the in-house fulfilment service started.

Start in fulfillment


In 2015, we received our first customers in the fulfilment centre and started as a delivery point for returns.


We have already grown to 400 clients by 2019, which we continue to serve. Also for international returns and shipping.


In 2020, we further expanded our service as a fulfillment service provider. Also in the area of Amazon pre FBA service and our warehouse capacity expanded.


We have expanded our interfaces for connecting online shops, Wawi, marketplaces and ERP systems.


Final planning of the new warehouse in Kirchgellersen. As soon as all official approvals have been obtained, we want to start building the new hall.


Building permit obtained for the new warehouse in Kirchgellersen. Beginning of May – Move to the new warehouse in the port of Lüneburg.

Picture of Harald Subke
Harald Subke

15 years of experience as an online retailer in e-commerce with its own collection of sunglasses. Selling over 100 products a day via Amazon, eBay and our own JTL shop. Since 2015 fulfilment provider with Subke GmbH. By 2019, the number of clients has already grown to over 400, who are being successfully serviced.

We still have a lot to do and yet we want to continue working as reliably as before!

Subke GmbH
Fulfillment und Logistics
Industriestraße 30
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Mo – Fri: 08:00 – 15:00 Uhr

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E-Mail: info@subke.com

Phone: 04135 – 298 080 33

Our office and warehouse

Our Subke GmbH warehouses are located just outside Hamburg in Lüneburg and Kirchgellersen.

You don’t lose another day when your goods arrive at the port of Hamburg. It is delivered directly, scanned and stored.

Our warehouses are guarded 24 hours a day, equipped with alarm systems and video surveillance. All doors can only be opened by authorised persons.

We still do a lot of work by hand, which makes individual picking and packing of the goods possible.

So we can offer bottle fulfilment, use your own packaging or print out a message tailored to the customer and enclose it with the goods.

You will also have a direct contact person at our warehouse with your own telephone extension. This allows us to react immediately if there are sudden changes in orders.

Our team

The most important thing is to do what you do best. Working together as a team with respect and enjoyment of the tasks should not be an empty phrase, but a lived philosophy.

Every employee assumes responsibility for his or her task and towards our customers. Thus, every warehouse employee also has the responsibility to communicate directly with our customers.

You can speak to our team in many different languages.

Our former Amazon employees have a lot of experience in the area of Pre FBA, PAN-EU and the Vendor Programme.

Our fulfillment service in various languages:


Long-term, responsible growth was and still is important to us today. Our company is 100% owner-managed.

Due to the high demand, our customer base, team, warehouse capacity and partnerships continue to grow.

You benefit from:

What happens next...

For the next few years, we are planning to further expand our fulfilment services, such as in the area of pre FBA, and to expand our warehouse capacities. However, the focus remains on the satisfaction of our customers, which is still the most important thing for us.

Visiting appointment

Submit your enquiry or make an appointment to visit our warehouse. We look forward to seeing you!