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Where is my order?

Shipment tracking for almost all parcel services

Effective tracking for your current parcel delivery.

You can track parcels from DHL, DPD and Hermes. But also find out the location of the parcel from parcel services such as FedEx, GLS, TNT, Trans-O-Flex or UPS.

Simply enter your consignment number (tracking number) or order number in the search field. Use this parcel tracking service in over 85 countries.

You will be redirected to the website of the respective shipping service provider or seller, such as Amazon or Zalando, who has your package in transit.

Enter the order number, tracking number or consignment number:

You will be redirected directly to the website of the shipping service provider and see the status of the package for your order.

Overview of the shipping service providers

DHL shipping

DHL shipment tracking

You will receive an overview of DHL’s mail order processing. DHL is used by private and business customers in Germany and internationally. You can track the location, status and time of delivery. You can determine the delivery date and drop-off location.

DPD shipping

DPD shipment tracking

DPD is a parcel shipping service provider for business and private customers within Germany and internationally. By entering your parcel label or reference number, you can track the parcel live.

UPS shipping

UPS shipment tracking

UPS is widely used by business customers in the USA, internationally and in Germany. Cross-border shipping is also possible with UPS. For tracking UPS packages, use your tracking number.

Hermes shipping

Hermes shipment tracking

Hermes does not yet offer live tracking. However, you can check the status of the parcel with your consignment number. You will also be told the time of expected delivery with a 2 to 4 hour delivery window.

GLS shipping

GLS shipment tracking

Use the GLS parcel number to track your shipment. You can use it to change the status of the parcel and, if necessary, the delivery option. If GLS Live Tracking is activated, you can track the parcel live.

FedEx shipping

FedEx shippment tracking

For the package shipped by FedEx, provide the shipment or order number you received. You can use it to check the status of the package.

TNT shipping

TNT shippment tracking

Enter the TNT consignment number. You will receive this in the e-mail confirmation, on the consignment note or in the collection confirmation. With the shipment number, you can check the status, live tracking and proof of delivery on myTNT.

Trans-O-Flex shipping

Trans-o-Flex T shippment tracking

Enter the reference number. You will be redirected to the Trans-o-Flex website. There you still have to enter the postcode and house number. For detailed information of the package you can log on to Trans-o-Flex. Then you will even know the temperature curve of the parcel during transport.

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Questions and answers about tracking

The consignment number or tracking ID consists of a combination of numbers and letters.

Yes, the consignment number is the tracking number. The English term “tracking” means “tracing” and is increasingly used in the German language.

Are you waiting for an order? Enter the consignment number above. You will be redirected to the respective website of the shipping service provider or seller. You will then see the status and location of the parcel for your order.

You will certainly have received a consignment number (tracking number) in your order confirmation. If you enter it above, you can see the sender of the parcel.

Subke GmbH is a fulfilment provider. We take care of the storage and shipping of the goods to the end customer for online retailers and manufacturers. Therefore, you will see Subke GmbH c/o as the sender address and not the seller.

The sign “c/o” on the sender means “care of” in English.

You return the goods using the return slip provided or sent to you. It can have the seller’s address or our warehouse address on it.

We automatically transmit the tracking number to your shop via API interface. In our Fulfilment Dashboard you can also see the tracking number and the status of the parcel.

Yes, you can. Enter the Amazon order number in the input field above. You will be redirected directly to Amazon and see the status of your order in the login area.

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