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A QR code is a matrix barcode that can be scanned by mobile devices such as smartphones and stores information such as texts, URLs or contact details. QR codes are widely used in today’s digital world and can be used for marketing, advertising or personal purposes.

With just a few clicks you can create your own QR code and use it for your purposes.

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Fulfillment und Logistik vor Hamburg

QR Code Download: Go to the image with the mouse, click the right mouse button and select “Save graphic as”.

Tips for creating effective QR codes

When creating a QR code, it is important to consider the placement and size of the code. Make sure it is easy to scan and not too small. You should also test the code before using it to make sure it works properly. Finally, you should add a prompt to scan the code, such as “Scan for more information” or “Scan to get a discount”.


In which format the QR code should be output.

Color of the QR code and background. The higher the contrast, the better the QR code can be read by the scanner.

Enter desired content, such as text, numbers or links.

Here you can set the strength of the structure of the QR code.

Here you can set the quality of the QR code. The higher the setting, the better the QR code can be read by the scanner.

Here the corners can be rounded.

To download the created QR code, click the right mouse button and select “Save image as” or “Copy image”.

Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone camera. Or use a special scanner for that.

How to output the QR code? With text or picture or without both.

Set the size of the text or image in the QR Code.

Set the position of the text or image in the QR Code.

Text for the inscription of the QR code. Here you can specify the font and the font color.

Upload the desired image and output it directly in the QR code.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

A QR code is a two-dimensional code that stores information in the form of black and white squares. It can be scanned with a smartphone camera or QR code scanner to access the stored information. It can contain different types of information, such as website URLs, contact information and product details.

QR codes are a convenient way to share information with others. They may be used for marketing purposes, to provide additional product information or to share contact details.

There are many online tools that you can use to create a QR code for free. Simply search for “QR code generator” and select a website that meets your requirements. Some popular options are QR Code Generator, QR Code Monkey and QR Stuff.

QR codes can contain a variety of information including website URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles and product details. You can also create custom QR codes that include your logo or other branding elements.

To use a QR code, simply open the camera of your smartphone and point it at the code. Your phone automatically recognises the code and provides you with the corresponding information. You can also use a QR code scanner app if your phone does not have a built-in scanner.

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