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Do you work in the e-commerce sector as an agency, software or transport company? Then become a partner of Subke. Supplement your business with our logistics and fulfillment services.

Our fulfilment business partners

In order to fulfil all services and tasks for online retailers and manufacturers in the best possible way, we sometimes work together with external companies. We also offer our fulfilment services to partner companies in order to optimally complement the service. This allows you as a company to expand the range of logistics and fulfilment services for your customers.

Shop software for online retailers

CosmoShop has been offering modular shop solutions in e-commerce since 1999.

This sophisticated shop software is a solution for online retailers and agencies. CosmoShop offers suitable tariffs to small and large traders. Fast loading times through hosting in the cloud and extensive API interfaces, also to fulfilment order systems, are just two of many advantages.

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Merchandise financing for the growth of online retailers

Myos is building the world’s first product-based e-commerce finance model.

Our AI-powered scoring leverages the depth and breadth of data that has become available with the advent of e-commerce platforms, allowing us to assess credit risk based on the sales potential of retail products. With goods as collateral, we can serve almost 99% of traders who have great difficulty obtaining working capital from lenders who rely on traditional, trust-based lending models.

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