Calculate the girth


Calculate the girth

Calculate girth before shipping

Every shipping company, such as DHL, DPD or UPS, specifies a maximum permissible girth size.

The external dimensions of the package must not exceed the girth of the respective transport company.

The price is determined with the girth and the permitted size of the package is checked.

With this girth calculator you can easily calculate the permissible size for your package yourself.

Specify the dimensions of the package in cm

Result girth dimension in cam:

Check the result with the information at the bottom of the page, whether the belt dimension is allowed at the desired shipping service provider.


Calculate girth

Belt measurements of the shipping service provider

Girth DHL

The DHL girth is max. 360 cm.

DHL package dimensions: Max. size of DHL packages of 120 x 60 x 60 cm , otherwise with a surcharge.

Max. Weight 31.5 kg, otherwise DHL Express up to 300 kg.

DPD girth

The DPD girth is max. 300 cm with a max. volume of 150 liters.

DPD parcel dimensions : long side max. 120 cm, width max. 60 cm and a max. height of 60 cm.

Girth in the pick-up parcel shop max. 250 cm to 20 kg.

UPS girth

The UPS belt size is max. 400 cm.

UPS Package size: Longest side max. 274 cm.

Parcel up to 70 kg.

Unconditional labeling for parcels over 31.5 kg (EU 25 kg).

Hermes girth

The girth at Hermes is max. 360 cm.

Hermes package dimensions: Longest side plus short side total max. 150 cm, longest Side max. 200 cm – third side max. 50 cm.

Package max. Up to 31.5 kg.

Make sure that you exceed the Hermes girth when each Page is the maximum.

Girth GLS

The girth of GLS is max. 300 cm.

GLS Package dimensions: Longest side max. 200 cm – width max. 80 cm – Height max. 60 cm.

Package max. Up to 40 kg.

Make sure that you exceed the girth at GLS if each side is the maximum.

Data published on 10/23/2021 | Information without guarantee

Download the shipping app

If you send parcels more often with a shipping service provider, it is worth using the respective app.

To do this, go to the App Store or Google Play. Search for the desired shipping service provider.

Questions and answers about the girth

The girth is the outer dimensions of the parcel. The longest side x 1, plus the highest side x 2 and plus the widest side x 2 are calculated.

With some shipping providers, such as DPD, the girth and volume are calculated in liters. The decisive factor is which level is reached first. The volume in liters is often reached first and is then used as the limit.

Shipping service providers often specify standard package sizes, which are specified in XS, S, M, L and XL. The dimensions differ from the provider. Ultimately, the decisive factor is again the permissible girth.

If the parcel is larger than the permitted girth, either a surcharge will be charged, it will be sent as bulky goods or it will not be accepted at all. Shipping service providers measure the size of the packages automatically, as with UPS. Deviations are calculated retrospectively at the end of the month for business customers.

No, you don’t have to. We’ll do the job for you. We observe the permitted dimensions, print out the shipping labels and frank the parcels adequately.

Only if you use Pre-FBA do you create the shipping labels with DPD directly in the Amazon Seller Account and send them to us.

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