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Fulfillment Dienstleister und Center
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Fulfilment service provider Subke

Warehouse – 3PL Fulfilment – One-stop shopping

As a fulfilment service provider, Subke GmbH has been offering e-commerce solutions with warehousing, automatic order retrieval and complete order processing for companies outside Hamburg since 2015.

In the age of digital commerce, e-commerce has ushered in a new era of business. 49 million people already shop online in Germany!

A key aspect of e-commerce is fulfillment services, i.e., fulfilling orders and delivering products to customers. We take care of all the processes and necessary tasks for you in one-stop shopping!

Logistics and Fulfillment Center

Distribution centre – goods management – complete order processing

Our fulfilment service comprises various tasks. Starting with order processing, through storage and picking of the products, to packaging and dispatch preparation. Efficient fulfilment is crucial to optimally meeting customer expectations and ensuring a positive shopping experience that leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Warenlager Subke
Incoming goods + warehouse

Distribution warehouse
Pallet warehouse
High-bay warehouse
Small parts store
Direct contact person in the warehouse
Active inventory management

Pick und Pack
Pick & Pack + shipping

Order picking
Bundle creation
Labelling, franking
Same Day shipping
Value Added Service (VAS)

API Schnittstelle
Software connectivity

34 API interfaces
Online shop connection
ERP and Wawi connection
Automatic order retrieval
Bidirectional data exchange
Synchronisation of article data
Stock updating

Retouren eCommerce

One address for your returns
Returns acceptance
Returns check
Reprocessing of returns
Handling of remissionens

Our fulfilment service for your business in the B2B – B2C and D2C sector

Further logistics services at Subke:

Amazon Service

3 Amazon fulfillment centers are located right near us. We offer you the Amazon pre FBA service,
Retrieval of the returns,
FBM, PAN-EU, Prime and
offer the Vendor programme.

Container unloading

Containers unloaded and loaded within the regular lorry idle time. Transport from the port of Hamburg takes just 45 minutes. Delivery times Mon-Fri from 08-15 hrs.


As a fulfilment customer, you receive additional services such as returns management,
a spare parts supply,
Repairs, refurbishment and professional disposal of the items.

Fulfillment Hamburg

Warehouse logistics directly outside Hamburg.

Fulfillment Hamburg

Port of Hamburg transhipment center

Our logistics center for outsourcing your products is located just outside Hamburg in Kirchgellersen and Lüneburg.

The very good infrastructure via the motorway to the Port of Hamburg enables fast international logistics for your sea freight.

This means you don’t lose another day with the forwarding company when handling your sea freight containers from the Port of Hamburg to our location.

We offer free container transport from the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam.

We unload the containers within the regular truck downtime.

Fast delivery from Hamburg port!

Hamburg airport

Fast logistics for your spare parts.

As a logistics service provider, we offer you optimised supply chains with cross-docking and spare parts management through the automation of logistics processes.

Use our service for your 4 PL (“Fourth Party Logistics”) contract logistics. In this way, you ensure the supply of spare parts through us as a logistics company and gain an advantage with high flexibility in the trade.

Especially for these processes, good customer service, reliable employees, fast picking of spare parts with a good warehouse logistics infrastructure to Hamburg air freight is important.

Flughafen Hamburg

International logistics

16 Warehouse for returns management.

We take care of the entire returns management for you as a retailer.

Through a partner company, we offer you a European and international warehouse network with logistics centres.

This service provides your company with international warehouses, postal addresses, returns addresses and labels for returns management.

This allows you to sell across Europe via Amazon’s PAN-EU programme. This is an important solution for Amazon sellers and their returns.


≡ Canada

≡ Mexico

≡ Australia


≡ U.A.E.


≡ Australia


≡ England

≡ Netherlands

≡ Germany

≡ Italy

≡ Poland

≡ Portugal

≡ Spain

Logistics Center Subke

Logistics service provider for warehouses and distribution centres – alarm-protected and heated.

We rely on automated processes in logistics to maximise efficiency and accuracy. Our warehouses are equipped with advanced technology to manage your stock and optimise the picking process.

Locations before Hamburg
Storage space
Picking (working days)
0 Hours

Software connectivity

34 Interfaces to shop, Wawi or ERP systems.

We use our fulfilment software to automatically retrieve incoming orders with article data such as article numbers, SKU, GTIN, barcode and image and transfer them directly to our warehouse.

Bidirectional data exchange with our logistics software and JTL platform in real time, also of specialised data such as serial numbers, attributes, best before dates and batches.

We help you integrate our fulfilment service with your online shop, ERP or multichannel system.

With help with the connection

Picking and packing

We are a reliable fulfilment provider for many industries and products.

≡ Commissoning

≡ Packaging

≡ Value Added Services (VAS)

≡ Enclosure of documents/flyers/inserts/stickers

≡ Gift box

≡ Certified organic products

We offer our fulfillment for many products.

≡ Shoes & Clothing

≡ Children’s fashion

≡ Pet supplies

≡ Sport & Leisure

≡ Car parts & spare parts

≡ Electronics & Tools

≡ Kitchen accessories

≡ Eyewear, costume jewellery & accessories

≡ Books, magazines & brochures

≡ Cosmetics & Perfume

≡ Office & school supplies

≡ Toys & Games

≡ Suitcases & Bags

≡ Smart Home & Smartphones

≡ Health & Household

≡ Bio Products

≡ Solutions for many other industries.

International transport logistics

Labelling and franking of parcels for large and small order volumes.

Delivery locations

≡ Worldwide ≡ EU ≡ NON-EU ≡ D-A-CH

“Same day” Dispatch handling

Your products are professionally packed by us in the logistics centre and transported to the customer daily by shipping service providers.

All orders placed before 11 a.m. will be dispatched on the same day.

This means that all consignments are delivered on weekdays from our location outside Hamburg by our partners DHL, DPD, GLS, Deutsche Post or a forwarding agent.

For more sustainable resources, our cardboard is made from FSC® grown wood. The filling material is included in the Pick & Pack price.

24 hours delivery

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