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Fulfillment Center Hamburg


As Fulfillment Service providers in Germany, we store your goods professionally at fair prices. Our warehouses are connected to a very good infrastructure in front of Hamburg. You get a direct contact person in our warehouse.

Pick und Pack

Packaging & shipping

Incoming orders are sent to us by 11 a.m. on the same day. Shipments are each given their own tracking number and can be precisely tracked. If you have any questions, you have a contact person in the warehouse.



We accept the returns from your customers or Amazon remissions in Germany and the EU. You will receive your own shipping address from us for this. Returns are stored, processed or sent back to you on request.

Schnittstellen Fulfillment


We automatically call your orders through a API Interface directly in your online shop or WaWi system and manage your inventory. Your system is updated several times a day via our software interface.

We offer even more fulfillment services ...

FBA Services

We offer you fulfillment services for Amazon. With 15 years of experience and former Amazon employees, we can optimally support you in selling goods via Amazon Pre-FBA, FBM, Prime Seller, the Vendor Program and PAN-EU.


We get your containers delivered quickly from the port of Hamburg. That saves time and money. We unpack the containers, sort, label, prepare the goods for further dispatch or store the goods with us.

Import & amp; inch

You can import your goods into the EU through us and offer them for sale on the EU internal market. We handle customs clearance in cooperation with your forwarding agent.


We accept your returns in Germany and the EU. We prepare the returns for resale. In the bad condition we can dispose of the goods properly or send them back to you at your request.

Preparation of goods

We prepare your goods directly from the manufacturer for sale or for Amazon. This includes taking goods out of the outer boxes, removing foils or strapping, creating new pallet labels and much more.


We can pack your parcels with your parcel tape or your own cardboard boxes, if you wish. Include individually printed cards in the package and we also pack fragile goods such as bottles or glasses.

Good infrastructure to Hamburg

Warehouse & Fulfillment service Hamburg

Hafen Hamburg

Port of Hamburg

Our warehouses for your products are located at the gates of Hamburg in Kirchgellersen and Lüneburg. The very good infrastructure to the Port of Hamburg, the airport and the motorway enable us to fulfill and deliver your goods quickly.

Airport Hamburg

With our fulfillment service, we also offer you spare parts management. In this area in particular, a good infrastructure, such as for Hamburg Airport, is very important.

Flughafen Hamburg

International fulfillment center

Warehouses in Europe, America and Australia

Warehouse network

We offer you an EU-wide and international logistics and warehouse network through our partner. You receive international fulfillment services, such as a respective VAT number, return addresses with a label solution, which are particularly important for PAN-EU Amazon returns.

Fulfillment benefits for online retailers

We attach great importance to personal fulfillment services

Just sell

Whether you sell 1 or 1000 items, you have the flexibility to grow your business with us. We take on complex work steps for you:

  • Packing & sending the packages
  • Returns management
  • Preparation of goods


We offer transparent processes. Every step is traceable via our software interface. You receive:

  • One tracking code per package
  • Update of the package status
  • daily inventory update

Own brands

We pack your products according to your wishes. We pack according to your wishes:

  • with your cardboard boxes
  • with your packing tape
  • Insert or filler material
  • individually printed cards

Pick & Pack

Thanks to well-rehearsed workflows and optimized processes, we can send incoming orders up to 11 a.m. on the same day. We offer:

  • daily shipping
  • worldwide shipping
  • environmentally friendly packaging

Contact Person

So that everything runs smoothly and you can react quickly at any time, you will receive direct contact with our warehouse. You benefit from:

  • personal contact person
  • telephone extension
  • fast response times

TOP prices

Whether you are a start-up or an SME, with our fulfillment you get all the necessary resources and stay flexible with your business at all times. Your fulfillment advantages with us:

  • incl. Fulfillment-Software
  • cheap shipping prices
  • no minimum contract period

With our customer service the always is there for you!

Use Subke fulfillment service

How to connect to our fulfillment service

Fulfillment with fair prices

Make an inquiry

Make your request and describe your business. We work with you to agree the tariff, tailored to your needs.

Send goods to us

You send your goods to our warehouse in front of Hamburg or to the warehouse in other EU countries.

Goods are being prepared

We scan, count and check the goods according to your requirements. We can also book goods quickly without barcodes. Damage is photographed and reported immediately.

Goods are stored

Storage in the Subke GmbH storage system takes place within 48 hours (Monday to Friday). The inventory is transmitted to your system via the agreed interface.

Pick & Pack

Incoming orders are automatically retrieved in your system. We pick and pack the goods professionally. Enclose the delivery note, attach the shipping labels and send the package to your customers worldwide. You can follow every single step through the fulfillment software.

Fulfillment costs?

Find out everything about our offers and fulfillment costs.

Warehouse logistics at Subke

Alarm-secured warehouse in front of Hamburg

Warehouse near Hamburg
storage area
1 Std.
Commissioning (workdays)
Storage types
Warehouse security

API software interfaces

We help with the shop connection

Interfaces for shop systems

Do you run an online shop with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, JTL-Shop, PrestaShop, Plentymarkets, Oxid, Ebay, Amazon or Gambio?

Then use our fulfillment software interfaces for a smooth exchange of data between our warehouse management and your shop. Of course, an open interface is also available via ReST API or CSV. We’ll be happy to help you!

Interfaces for WaWi systems

Data exchange almost in real time. Warehouse management and daily inventory updates. A quick and smooth connection to our fulfillment service to various merchandise management systems (WaWi) such as JTL, billbee or weclapp is possible.

JTL Wawi

JTL is a powerful merchandise management software that you can use without registration and free of charge.

JTL-Fulfillment Network

JTL's Rest API works with almost every e-commerce system. The size of the range or the order volume are not decisive.


Shopify is a cloud-based shop system with which you can build your shop in a modular manner.

Shopify Shop

Learn more about the popular shop system in the cloud.


Magento is a very sophisticated shop software with many features. It is difficult to reach your limits with this software.

Magento Shop

Learn more about the Magento shop system.


Shopware is a very popular shop software and is most widely used in Germany for online shops.

Shopware API

Connect Shopware with our software interface for fulfillment.


WooCommerce is a popular shop extension for WordPress. It is easy to install and use.

WooCommerce Shop

Simply search for WooCommerce under Plugins in WordPress and install it.


plentymarkets is an ERP and a shop system. You can use the ERP system for offline and online trading.

plentymarkets Starter

A rest API interface is also included in the starter package and can be connected to us.

Make your Inquiry?

We will contact you directly

Subke GmbH
Logistics and Warehouse
Industriestraße 30
21394 Kirchgellersen
– Germany –

Contact form

Reachable Mo – Sa:
9:00 – 18:00 Uhr
Message by E-Mail:
04131 – 9271052

Pick & Pack

Individual and personally

Parcel service provider

24 hours delivery

Delivery locations
Harald Subke
Inhaber Harald Subke

Welcome to Subke Fulfillment!

As a fulfillment service provider, personal customer care with reliable shipping and safe packaging is very important to us.

All orders are regularly dispatched by 11:00 a.m. on the same day. As a fulfillment service provider, we ship daily on weekdays with DHL, DPD, GLS and Deutsche Post. On request, we can also ship with UPS or Hermes. You benefit from our low shipping fees, but you can also leave your own shipping contract with us. As goods mail, we also send items internationally and store your goods at PAN-EU Remissions in the respective country.

Our packaging material is registered in the packaging register and made from FSC® grown wood.

Do you have questions?

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