E-Fulfillment Connection

The e-fulfillment connection refers to the seamless process of connecting an online store or an e-commerce platform with a logistics service provider (3PL) for order processing. This includes the performance and integration of order and inventory management systems to enable real-time tracking of orders and stock levels.

What is e-fulfillment?

The idea behind e-fulfillment is to automate the order fulfillment process through the use of technology so that online businesses can outsource their tasks, scale processes, reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

By integrating their online store with a 3PL service provider, online businesses can outsource benefits such as the entire order fulfillment process, from warehousing to shipping and returns management, and focus on growing their core business.

Overall, e-fulfillment integration is an important solution that online businesses should consider if they want to offer their customers fast, reliable and cost-effective shipping.

E-Fulfillment service provider Subke

Subke GmbH is a fulfillment and logistics provider with the optimal infrastructure for online retailers in e-commerce. As your eFulfillment partner, we automatically retrieve incoming orders from the webshop, ERP or ERP system.

The stored goods are picked, professionally packed and dispatched to the customer. We accept returns and can refurbish them on request in order to save resources.

All processes are optimized for online trading. We take care of inventory management and status reporting in the online store for you.

Warehouse management

We store your goods professionally just outside Hamburg and take care of inventory management including stocktaking. We only charge for the storage space that you actually use. At least 1 square meter and then each additional use is calculated exactly.

Incoming orders

We have numerous API interfaces to online stores and ERP systems. We automatically retrieve the orders from your online store or ERP system several times an hour. You get access to a dashboard and can track every single step.

Pick & Pack

Order and article picking. We enclose the delivery bill and can also add flyers or cards to the package. Wrap the parcel as a gift or with your printed boxes. The goods are packed safely and professionally, including jars and bottles.

Lieferung innerhalb von 1-2 Werktagen

We send the parcels to your customers daily with DHL and DPD. You can also use a different shipping service provider with us. We can enclose a returns bill with the parcel and accept your returns throughout Europe.

E-fulfillment connection in 5 steps

Marketplace, WaWi, ERP or store connection - this is how it works...

Make an inquiry

Connection to fulfillment

Make your request and describe your business.

We work with you to agree a tariff and service contract that is tailored to your needs.

Our website gives you an overview of the fulfillment costs and you can calculate them online in advance.

We take care of warehousing, picking, packing, shipping and returns management for you.


Delivery of goods

Delivery of goods

You should notify us of your goods 7 days before delivery, then we can guarantee storage for 2 days.

Goods can be delivered from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 15:00.

The warehouses are located directly outside Hamburg in Kirchgellersen or in Lüneburg. We will let you know in advance which of our warehouses you should send the goods to.

The name of the products, quantity, sender and recipient address should be written on the top of the front of outer cartons or pallets.

If pallets are mixed, attach a label with “different goods” or “different SKUs”.

If several pallets, then add “Number of pallets: ___ of ___ pallets” in the top right-hand corner.

We need a unique identifier printed on the product, such as a barcode, SKU, GTIN or FNSKU.

It is easier if the name of the item is under the barcode.

  1. Log in to JTL-FFN ➚.
  2. Go to the menu item -> My processes -> Create article first.
  3. You can also create a template for importing articles under the menu item Data exchange.
  4. Go to the menu item – > My processes -> Orders and create the order there.
  5. Go to the menu item – > My processes – >Orders and create the order there.

Please always state your company name! The addressing should look like this:

  • Your company name
  • c/o Subke GmbH
  • Our warehouse address

Give the forwarding agent our telephone number so that they can contact us directly.

Please inform your insurance company of our warehouse as an external warehouse. If you do not have storage insurance, we will be happy to help you.

  • How much is delivered?
  • When (day and time)? – Delivery to the warehouse from 8 am to 3 pm.
  • Please give the driver our telephone number so that he can reach us directly.
  • What is delivered (pallets, containers, packs, articles)?

Incoming goods

Barcode preparation of goods

We scan, count and check the goods according to your requirements.

If the delivery is created in JTL-FFN per article and quantity, we can directly offset the number of articles in the goods receipt.

We can also book in goods without barcodes if we can clearly assign them otherwise. We can then create and attach the barcodes at a later date.

Damage is photographed and reported immediately.


Goods are stored

Store goods

Storage in the Subke GmbH storage system takes place in several processes.

We can book the goods into our Wawi system within 48 hours (Monday-Friday) using a barcode.

We check the delivery for obvious damage and take photos if anything is damaged.

The stock is transmitted to your system via the software and updated several times a day.

If you use JTL-FFN, you must create your articles there beforehand.


Connect the shop

API Schnittstellen Fulfillment

For eFulfillment, the orders are automatically retrieved from your online store, marketplace or ERP system into our ERP system.

We take over the maintenance of the article master data.

We connect your store, ERP or ERP system to our merchandise management system (WMS) via a suitable API interface.

Alternatively, you can upload your articles yourself in advance as a .csv file via JTL-FFN.

Post articles in JTL-FFN

We need your GEO data 7 days before the start of the fulfillment service.

Ready to go

Pick & Pack

Warenmanagement Subke

We carry out test orders together with you before we start. If everything runs smoothly, you’re ready to go.

Incoming orders are automatically transmitted from your store or Wawi system to our goods management system.

We take care of inventory management and also update it in your online store.

Tracking numbers are also automatically transferred to your store. You receive an online dashboard in which you can monitor everything.

We pick and pack the order professionally, enclose the delivery bill, attach the shipping labels and send the parcel to your customers worldwide.

You can track every single step and the status via the dashboard.

FAQ - eFulfillment

  • Was ist der Unterschied von eFulfillment zum Fulfillment?

    Das Wort eFulfillment entstand aus Fulfillment und eCommerce. Beim E-Fulfillment richtet sich die Übernahme der Fulfillment Dienstleistung D2C an Onlinehändler im E-Commerce. Die Waren werden über das Internet verkauft und an den Endkunden vom Fulfiller versendet.

    Während beim klassischen Fulfillment auch Hersteller inbegriffen sind. Der Fulfiller wird Bindeglied einer Supply Chain Kette. Die Waren werden in vielen Fällen B2B direkt an Großhändler versendet.

  • Wer sind Fulfillment Anbieter?

    Es gibt viele Fulfillment Anbieter in Deutschland. So steht DHL eigentlich für „Dalsey, Hillblom, Lynn“ und ist in Deutschland bekannt für die Lieferung von Paketen.

    DHL ist aber auch ein Anbieter für Fulfillment mit einem Lagernetzwerk in Europa, wie „Amazon by Fulfillment“, DPD oder die Subke GmbH.

    Die Unterschiede der Anbieter bestehen im Vorhaben des Händlers, deren Größe und damit einhergehenden Kosten. So berechnet DHL zum Beispiel die Lagergebühr pro Liter für Waren im Regal.

  • Übernehmen eFulfillment Dienstleister die Warenlagerung?

    Ja, wir übernehmen als 3PL Fulfillment Anbieter auch die Lagerung Ihrer Ware in beheizten und gesicherten Warenlager vor Hamburg.

  • Wie funktioniert der Anlieferungs­prozess?

    Die Ware einfach über das JTL-FFN Portal oder per E-Mail 7 Tage vorher anmelden. Artikel einer Lieferung sollten unbedingt angekündigt werden, um eine reibungslose Einlagerung zu gewährleisten. Die Artikel müssen im Shop oder in JTL-FFN vorhanden sein.

  • Wie ist meine Ware versichert?

    Wir haften für alle Schäden an Ihren Waren, die wir zu vertreten haben (z.B. durch unsachgemäße Lagerung oder Beschädigung) in Höhe und Umfang nach der Satzung des DSLV e.V. Ihre Waren sind in unserem Lager gegen höhere Gewalt, z.B. Natur­kata­strophen oder Brand nicht durch uns versichert.
    Bitte geben Sie Ihrer Lagerversicherung Bescheid, dass Ihre Waren extern bei uns gelagert wird. Haben Sie keine Lager­versicherung, können wir gerne ein Angebot erstellen.

  • Sollten Barcodes getestet werden?

    Ja, wenn Sie eigene Barcodes erstellen, sollten diese vor dem Versand getestet werden. Drucken Sie die Barcodes nur mit einem Laserdrucker aus, damit diese vom Barcode Scannern gelesen werden können.