Fulfillment connection

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Marketplace, WaWi or shop connection

Fulfillment connection in 5 steps - How it works ...


Make an inquiry

Connection to fulfillment

Make your request and describe your business. We will work with you to agree a tariff that is tailored to your needs. You will receive an API interface to our goods management system (WMS).


Connect the shop

API Schnittstellen Fulfillment
We connect your shop, marketplace or WaWi to our WMS system for immediate retrieval of orders and inventory management.
API interfaces at a glance

Alternatively, you can upload your articles yourself using a .csv file via JTL-FFN.
Post item by JTL-FFN

We need your GEO data at least 7 days before the start of fulfillment.


Send goods to us

Delivery of goods

You inform us that your goods have been sent at least 2 days before delivery. We receive the delivery of the goods from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. to our warehouse outside Hamburg in Kirchgellersen or in Lüneburg. You inform your insurance company about our warehouse as an external warehouse.


Goods are being prepared

Barcode preparation of goods

We scan, count and check the goods according to your requirements. We can also book goods without barcodes quickly. Damage is photographed and reported immediately.


Goods are stored

Store goods

The storage in the storage system of Subke GmbH takes place within 48 hours (Monday – Friday). The inventory is transmitted to your system via the agreed API interface and updated several times a day.

Ready to go

Pick & Pack

Parcel delivery Subke

Incoming orders are automatically transferred from your system to our goods management system. We pick and pack the order professionally, enclose the delivery note, attach the shipping labels and send the package to your customers worldwide. You can follow every single step through the dashboard.