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Fulfillment service for e-commerce companies

Take advantage - outsource logistics - warehouse management - order processing of goods.

Fulfilment takes over the entire processing of incoming orders from customers for the online retailer. The service helps companies in the retail sector to make their logistics processes more efficient.

The fulfilment service includes warehousing, automatic order retrieval, assembling the items and shipping the goods to the end customers. Also, tracking orders and accepting customer returns at the centre.

In the field of logistics, Subke GmbH is a classic 3 PL fulfilment service provider for companies outside Hamburg.

As a start-up, you will probably first do the packing and shipping to the end customer yourself.

If the number of orders increases, the tasks are hardly manageable alone. If the tasks are outsourced to an external fulfilment centre, the error rate can be reduced and customer satisfaction increased.

Whether you sell 1 or 1000 parcels a day, with us you can grow as an e-commerce business with high flexibility and reduce your fixed costs by up to 20%.

Your advantages

When you outsource your fulfilment, you can benefit from many advantages.


If many tasks are pending, we can react quickly and deploy more employees for you. Our team has the necessary knowledge and is very experienced in the individual logistics processes including handling, also for Amazon solutions.

Top infrastructure

Our locations offer an optimal infrastructure to the Port of Hamburg, various shipping centres and Amazon fulfilment centres.

Warehouse logistics

Goods receipt with fast storage of your goods. We own and operate our own warehouses directly outside Hamburg, which are secured and heated. We charge accurately every day, only for the storage space actually used.


We offer many years of experience, both as a former online retailer and in logistics for B2B, B2C and D2C online trade. We have experience in handling and preparing products for many different industries.


With our service, we offer your e-commerce business a high level of reliability. From the receipt of the order, picking of the goods, professional packaging, daily dispatch with various shipping service providers and acceptance of returns. This increases the customer satisfaction of your customers.


We do not have a minimum contract period. We prefer to retain our customers through satisfaction. There is also no minimum volume for orders or storage space.

Flexible selling

Whether you are a startup, retailer or large business, outsourcing to our fulfillment center will increase the efficiency of your business.

≡ Free from order volume

≡ For small and large companies

≡ Already from 1 m³ storage area

≡ No contract commitment

≡ Parcels, packages, merchandise mail

≡ Complete dispatch handling

≡ Taking over the peak loads

≡ Higher customer satisfaction


At Subke, we offer transparent processes. Every service and transaction is traceable online via our dashboard.

≡ Live-Dashboard

≡ Tracking­­­code

≡ Package status update

≡ Stock is updated daily

≡ Additional effort is documented

≡ Detailed billing

≡ Inventory management

Own brands

We package your products according to your wishes and enclose printed inserts on demand.

≡ Own boxes

≡ Own parcel tape

≡ Packed as a gift

≡ Inserts, flyers, sticks

≡ Own filling material

≡ Custom printed cards

≡ Own packaging material

Pick & Pack

Optimum performance Thanks to well-rehearsed workflows and processes, we can pick and pack incoming orders by 11 a.m. and dispatch them regularly on the same day.

≡ Daily dispatch handling

≡ Same Day Shipping

≡ Worldwide shipping

≡ Environmentally friendly packaging

Satisfied customers

To ensure that everything runs smoothly and that you can react quickly at any time, we provide you with a contact person in the warehouse with an extension number. This reduces errors and increases customer satisfaction.

≡ Contact person with direct extension

≡ Fast reaction times

≡ Packers trained for your products

≡ Refurbishment employees – just for your products

Fair prices

Whether start-up or SME, with our logistics service you as a company receive all the necessary resources at fair prices and remain flexible with the costs at all times.

≡ Fair price scaling according to quantities

≡ Online shop integration with fulfilment software & dashboard

≡ Pick & Pack including filling material

≡ No minimum contract period

Use Subke as an external service provider

As a retailer, you can benefit from the advantages such as fast picking of items, high shipping speed, improved order accuracy and scalability of the online business. All this ultimately leads to more customer satisfaction.

Using fulfilment services reduces the time, cost and labour involved in many of the necessary logistical tasks associated with running an e-commerce business.

In addition, depending on your needs, you can benefit from our experienced Subke GmbH employees who are familiar with the professional storage and packaging of the products.

Which industries already use Subke’s fulfilment service?

The fulfilment service is widely used in many industries. In general, e-commerce companies that sell and ship physical goods use fulfilment services the most.

This includes companies that sell clothing, electronics, household goods, jewellery and other physical products.

In addition, companies in the food and beverage, health and beauty products, and books and media sectors also use fulfilment services.

Some companies in the automotive, aviation and construction industries also use the fulfilment service to ship their spare parts and accessory products with express carriers.

Overall, it can be said that fulfilment services are used in many different industries where shipping physical products is an important part of the business.

Our fulfilment services at a glance

Storage types, service and handling service.

As a fulfilment service provider, we offer various services for online retailers and manufacturers in e-commerce.

This means that we take over standardised processes in logistics for you, such as storage, inventory management, picking of products, packaging and dispatch of goods.

With our software we can connect many shop, Wawi and ERP systems. Orders are automatically retrieved and processed in the warehouse. Every day, the storage area is precisely calculated in the software based on the article dimensions.

We also offer special services in fulfilment, such as individual packaging, packaging of fragile goods, batch management and the management of serial numbers, attributes and best before dates.

Distribution warehouse

We store your goods in our secured and heated dry warehouse. After receiving the order, we take care of picking, packing and shipping to the end customer.

Pallet warehouse

We offer storage for your pallets in our high-bay warehouse. This is particularly suitable if you use us as a temporary storage facility for Amazon or other wholesalers such as Metro or Quelle.

Cross Docking

You deliver your goods to us commissioned. This can also be from another fulfilment centre. We take over the further dispatch in Germany and all over Europe to your end customers.

Our core business

Goods receipt, storage, picking, dispatch and returns processing.

Container service

From the Hamburg port, the containers are transported to our fulfilment centres in about 30 minutes. This saves time and money!

We take over the service of container unloading with pallets or also piece by piece individual packages.

We scan the incoming goods, sort, label, store the goods and take over the goods preparation for further dispatch.

Preparation of goods

We prepare the goods delivered by the manufacturer for sale.
As a service provider, we offer various processes and solutions.

≡ Remove goods from outer cartons

≡ Remove foils or strapping

≡ Repackage item

≡ Create product labels or pallet labels

≡ Clean article

PRE FBA Services

We offer you an Amazon pre FBA service and optimise the processes for selling on Amazon logistics services. As an Amazon Seller, you lower your costs and reduce your own effort.

With 15 years of our own experience in online trading, we can provide you with optimal support. Our employees know the logistical requirements of the fulfilment centre at Amazon very well.

Bottle Fulfillment

We also take care of the storage and safe packaging of bottles and jars for you.

We pack fragile goods in secure boxes as requested by you.

Wine, whisky or gin are stored professionally with us.

We also include inserts or custom printed cards with the package.


We offer a returns management service. Also for returns from the dropshipping business.

We process the returns according to your instructions.

We undertake a visual inspection, product inspection or a complete refurbishment. This allows your products to be released for sale again.

We collect your returns, send them back to you or dispose of the items professionally on request.


We take over the repair of your products.

We prepare your returns for resale (refurbishment) according to a process specified by you and create a photo.

If the goods are in poor condition, we can, at your request, dispose of them in accordance with the regulations or return them to you.


We offer environmentally friendly packaging. Both the cardboard and the filling material can be made of environmentally friendly material.

The cardboard box is made of FSC® certified wood.

The filling paper is made of 100% recycled paper and is licensed with the Blue Angel.


We take inventory for the goods you store with us. This saves you a lot of time and effort. We can tell you at any time exactly how many items we have in stock.

We also take care of the inventory management of the items in your online shop, which updates automatically.

Import & Customs

You want to import your goods into the EU and offer them for sale on the European domestic market or in the UK?

We do not act as an importer ourselves, but can name a partner company for this service.

We help with the documents for import and customs clearance in cooperation with your forwarder.

Specialised fulfilment services at Subke

Product logistics with special solutions at the fulfilment service provider Subke.

Serial numbers

We manage the unique serial numbers(MSN) for your products. We can offer you two methods for this.

1) We assign the serial number to the product when packing the order. The assigned serial number can be transmitted to your shop or you will receive an overview as a .csv download later.

2) You assign a serial number to each product beforehand. This is retrieved from the shop, which we scan during packing and assign to the order.

Batch management

We can scan production batches at goods receipt and assign them to a specific batch. You can assign an MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) to each item.

This gives you as a trader the control of the delivered and sold products of certain batches.


We manage the best before date (BBD) of your goods. We can proceed according to the FIFO principle in the warehouse.

This gives you full control over the perishability of your products


We can manage attributes of your products. Do you have products with different properties? When the order is retrieved, the attributes are also transmitted. Accordingly, we can pick and pack exactly the product you want. The stock quantity decreases in total and the product with the assigned attribute.


Do you offer product bundles in your online shop? We manage the stock quantity of the associated individual products. When ordering, the quantity of each individual product and the bundle will be reduced. We pick and pack the individual products accordingly and update the inventory.

Number of pieces divisible

You can make the number of pieces of your goods divisible in the system. In this way, partial quantities can be sent to the customer. This option offers the possibility to sell 1 kg goods, also optionally in 0.5 kg quantities.

FAQ - Häufig gestellte Fragen

We take over the following fulfilment services for your company in the retail sector:

  • Receipt of goods,
  • Preparation of goods,
  • Spare parts management,
  • Warehousing,
  • Order call-off,
  • Commissioning,
  • confection,
  • Packing,
  • Labelling,
  • Postage,
  • Shipping,
  • Returns processing and
  • Refurbishment.

Yes, you will receive your own contact person in our warehouse with a direct telephone extension. If you have a question about the item or shipping, you can react quickly and call your contact person directly in the warehouse.