From 08.01.2024 – Protest actions in Germany

08.01.-15.01.2024 - Announced protests in Germany could affect the parcel and logistics industry - preparations are in full swing.

Starting on January 8, the German Farmers’ Association is calling for a nationwide week of protest action, which will culminate in a large demonstration in Berlin on January 15.

In addition to restaurateurs and the GDL (Deutsche Bahn), some transport companies and freight forwarders are also planning to join the farmers. In an appeal, the Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Disposal calls for, among other things, relief on tolls and diesel fuel as well as additional investment in roads, bridges and parking lots.

The upcoming actions could lead to significant disruptions in parcel delivery and collection throughout Germany, which may result in delays in delivery times.

While all supply chain locations could be affected, the impact is likely to be particularly noticeable in large cities, industrial areas and on major roads.

Proactive measures were taken to minimize the potential impact, including the creation of alternative routes and deployment plans. The efforts are aimed at ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible despite the protests.

Customers should be informed of the current situation in advance, as the main aim is to minimize disruption.

As an online retailer, you can write directly to your customers or display a notice in the online store about the current situation. So that customers know in advance that the delivery may take a little longer.

This means that the shipping service providers we use may also experience delays during this time. This affects the delivery of consignments and the returns business.

Deliveries of goods and container transportation from the port can also take longer.

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