What does fulfillment mean?

It starts with the spelling. Is it written Fulfillment or Fulfillment?

It starts with the spelling. Is it written Fulfillment or Fulfillment?

According to Wikipedia, both forms of writing can be chosen. In fact, companies use both. We decided on fulfillment at Subke.

Fulfillment is, of course, a Denglish term, so it was taken from English into German. Translated, fulfillment means something like mail order processing or goods management .

This means that a fulfillment service provider stores the goods for the online retailer, packs them professionally after the order is received in the online shop and sends them directly to the customer.

The advantage for the online retailer is that he saves a lot of work steps and can concentrate fully on selling.

Fulfillment services include:

  • Storage
  • Order acceptance
  • Packing
  • Picking
  • Send
  • Warehouse management
  • Returns management

Some fulfillment service providers offer extended services:

  • Returns management
  • Spare parts supply
  • Refurbishment
  • Preparation of goods
  • Preparation of goods for Amazon (PRE-FBA)
  • EU-wide warehousing for PAN-EU
  • Acceptance of returns (Amazon)

Today, some tasks are no longer taken over by fulfillment. This includes the creation of offers, invoices or reminders. These tasks can be automatically transferred from the shop to a merchandise management system and created via the API interface.

There are some large fulfillment providers such as Amazon, DHL, Otto or Kuehne + Nagel. It is important for large fulfillment service providers that their goods preparation requirements must be met exactly. Goods will not be accepted that have no labels attached to the pallets or that are still tied with PET strapping.

Small fulfillment service providers are often more flexible in this regard and relieve a lot of the preparatory work, the so-called goods preparation.

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