New mandatory information on Amazon

From today, 19.04.2021, sellers on Amazon must comply with new mandatory information.

Observe Amazon mandatory information and avoid sanctions

From today, 19.04.2021, online retailers who sell on Amazon must comply with new mandatory information.

Sellers who do not observe this information must expect consequences from Amazon. This could mean the automatic cancellation of the order, a delayed shipping confirmation and delivery, and in the worst case, the withdrawal of the right to sell on Amazon Marketplaces.

Note new mandatory information on Amazon

Therefore, the following information should not be missing from today:

  • Tracking number
  • Amazon tracking number
  • Shipping method
  • Shipping company

Why is Amazon doing this?

The answer is actually relatively simple, because Amazon always keeps the customer and their user experience in mind. This makes it easier for the buyer to track the shipment and know who is delivering the parcel.

Amazon regularly changes and optimizes processes to ensure the best shopping experience for customers.

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