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Pre FBA Service for Amazon® Centres

For online retailers, Amazon is one of the most important and largest sales platforms on the internet. Many buyers search for the product they want first on Amazon.

You can register with Amazon Seller Central and sell your products online. Here you will find an overview of the first steps to selling on Amazon ➚.

Amazon offers its own fulfilment service with warehousing, which sellers can use. However, external 3 PL logistics service providers are increasingly being used as third-party providers and their pre FBA service.

If an Amazon seller uses the pre FBA service of a third-party provider, all the goods are stored in an external warehouse and only partial quantities are sent to the respective Amazon warehouse as required. The benefit to the merchant is often lower storage costs and fulfilment fees, as well as a better stock index (LBI) with Amazon.

At Subke Amazon Seller, we offer a pre FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service with receiving and container unloading. We ship from our fulfilment centre directly to the Amazon warehouse as required.

We offer the Vendor Programme, shipping to end customers via FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) and Prime shipping by arrangement.

If you use Amazon’s PAN-EU programme, we can offer warehouses in various EU countries for your returns. We collect your products there and then bring them back to Germany at a reasonable price.

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Fulfillment by Amazon


What is pre FBA?

As a commercial online retailer, you can choose between FBA or the FBM programme on Amazon.

With the FBA programme, you send your goods directly to Amazon. Amazon stores, packs and ships the goods for you. Of course, Amazon also charges monthly fees for fulfilment.

Combine FBA with Subke Fulfillment

Use our Pre FBA service and store the majority of your goods with us and benefit from lower storage fees. We will then professionally send the desired quantity to Amazon as required.


Terms and Conditions for Amazon®
Except for parcels, everything has to be palletised!

To send products to Amazon, many points have to be considered. Some of our employees have worked at Amazon and have a lot of experience. We will be happy to do the work for you and prepare your goods according to Amazon’s requirements. Below you will find an overview of the posting requirements at Amazon.

Requirement for cartons

Anforderung an Paletten

Info: Observe the post-contractual information obligations towards the consumer. Amazon sends its own cancellation policy. Therefore, you may not provide your own cancellation policy. You must limit the post-contractual information obligations to your GTC.

Info: Get a quick overview of how to send a package or pallet to Amazon from Seller Central in this quick guide.

PAN EU bei Amazon


What is PAN-EU?

As an FBA seller, you can expand your sales throughout Europe with Amazon’s PAN-EU programme. The programme costs nothing extra and promises an enormous increase in sales. All you have to do is activate PAN-EU in your Seller Central account.

Info: If the PAN EU programme is too much of a hassle for you, you can use an external service provider like Spacegoats. Spacegoats takes over many tasks such as invoicing, VAT registration, tax processing and requirements that have to be fulfilled with the PAN-EU programme.


Amazon® Remission

Worldwide warehouse network
Fulfillment und Logistik vor Hamburg

Fulfillment in Zentral- Portugal von einem erfahrenen Online-Händler.

Erfahrener Logistiker mit Sitz in Marbella, Südspanien.

Das Lager befindet sich im Südwesten Frankreichs.

Für Retouren­adressen aus den Niederlande von einem erfahrenen Partner.

Unsere Fulfillment Lager direkt vor Hamburg.

Erfahrener Logistiker in Warschau.

Ein Logistiker in Mailand mit langjähriger Erfahrung.

Rücksende­-Adresse in Dubai, den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten.

Logistik an der Westküste in der Nähe von Perth.

Erfahrener Logistiker in Zentralmexiko.

2 Absenderadressen stehen in den USA zur Verfügung.
Eine in New Jersey und eine in Florida.

Lager mit Sitz in der Nähe von London.
Ein erfahrenes Logistik- und Versandunternehmen mit Sitz in Toronto.

What are Amazon Remissionen?

If you participate in the PAN EU programme, your goods will be optimally distributed to Amazon’s warehouses in the respective countries.

If your goods are not sold or you receive returns, you must have the goods collected in the country.

We offer warehouses in many EU countries through our partner network of EZI Returns. Your goods can be stored there and transported back to Germany.

Info: If you sell across Europe or worldwide, you will need to collect unsold goods from the Amazon warehouse in your country or have them shipped back to your home country at a very high cost. Use our EZI Returns partner network to manage your returns at Amazon costs.

EZI Returns Logo
FBM by Amazon


What is FBM?

Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) means fulfilment by merchants. If you opt for the FBM programme as a commercial online merchant, you sell your products on Amazon Marketplace but take over the storage, picking and shipping according to Amazon’s requirements.

As a start-up at Amazon, you will first begin with the FBM programme.

FBA requires approval because Amazon first wants to see how many products you sell per month.

You can take care of the fulfilment yourself or hand it over to a fulfilment service provider like us.

We receive the orders from Amazon directly via our fulfilment software and take over the entire fulfilment for you according to Amazon’s requirements.

Info: Unlike FBA, FBM requires you to send your own T&Cs and cancellation policy to the end customer. You can enclose this with the shipment after the order or send it by e-mail in Seller Central.

Info: You can also combine FBA and FBM. You can sell part of your goods via FBA and another part via FBM. Products that sell quickly and have a high margin are well suited for FBA. On the other hand, products that are fragile or have to be picked with several parts are well suited for FBM.

Amazon Prime durch Verkäufer

Prime by seller

You are an Amazon Prime seller and would like to ship your goods from a central warehouse instead of from Amazon?

We offer “Prime by Seller” as a fulfilment service.

Our locations outside Hamburg are ideally situated. We set up the process together with you and deliver the goods to your Prime customers for you. We accept the returns for you again.

Prime requirements

Vendor Central bei Amazon

Vendor Central

What is the Vendor Programm?

With the Vendor Programme, you become a supplier to Amazon. Amazon sells your products under its brand.

Are you a “first-party” seller on Amazon and do you participate in the Vendor Programme? Then we can take over the complete storage, goods preparation and delivery to Amazon for you.

As an Amazon supplier, you will be delivering large quantities. We can be a solution as a temporary warehouse or take over partial quantities of the delivery.

We already take over the delivery to the vendor programme for existing customers. You benefit from our experience and the good infrastructure of our warehouses.

Our warehouses are located just outside Hamburg. This means that your containers are handled quickly and you don’t lose another day.


PRE FBA Warehouse

What benefits do I get with an FBA warehouse?

You can temporarily store your goods in our warehouse directly outside Hamburg. We deliver only the desired quantity to an Amazon Fulfillment Center according to your order. You pay up to 50% less storage costs with us.

You also improve your stock index (LBI) on Amazon when the storage time of your products decreases. A great advantage for seasonal products or the sell-through rate is not so high.

You can also use our warehouse space for FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant). Via our interface to Amazon, orders are automatically retrieved, picked and shipped to the customer.

We take care of container unloading, goods preparation, palletising and storage of the pallets in our high-bay warehouse.

Our fulfilment warehouses are located near the following Amazon warehouses:

  • Amazon DHH1, Peutestraße 32, 20539 Hamburg,
  • Amazon Logistik Winsen GmbH, Borgwardstrasse 10,
    21423 Winsen an der Luhe,
  • Geodis Logistics Deutschland GmbH Niederlassung Hamburg, Bei der Lehmkuhle 2, 21629 Neu Wulmstorf-Mienenbuettel.

FAQ - Questions about the PRE FBA service?

In e-commerce, FBA is the abbreviation for “Fulfillment by Amazon”. Pre FBA is the preparation of goods according to the respective requirements before shipment to Amazon.

We offer quite a few Amazon services. These include pre FBA, FBM, PAN-EU, the Vendor and the Prime programme.

Yes, we accept goods for storage, pick them, take care of the professional preparation of the goods for Amazon and ship them to Amazon.

The best way is to select the transport partner programme on Amazon in Seller Central and fill in the DPD registration form there. You create the DPD shipping labels and send them to us. DPD then collects the goods directly from our warehouse and sends them to Amazon.

As a merchant, if you have successfully created an account to sell on Amazon, comply with product restrictions and inventory requirements, you can use Amazon shipping.

In PAN-EU fulfilment, return means that if the goods cannot be sold on Amazon in the respective country, the goods are outsourced by Amazon in the country. As a merchant, you must then collect your goods from the Amazon warehouse in the respective country.

PAN EU means selling and shipping through Amazon. This allows Amazon sellers to sell their goods on the entire European market. Amazon uses an algorithm to automatically distribute the goods to the warehouses of the respective countries.

Yes, for orders received before 14:00, we can print the labels in our fulfilment department on the same day and dispatch them the next day at the latest.

Yes, orders received before 2pm can be processed in our same day fulfilment by arrangement. With Prime, you are more likely to benefit from more frequent and repeat sales.

After importation into the country, a forwarding agent usually takes over the delivery to our warehouse.

Yes, the owner Harald Subke has over 15 years of experience as an online retailer on Amazon. In addition, the Subke team includes former Amazon employees who know Amazon’s processes and requirements very well.

The LBI performance index reflects your inventory levels in the FBA programme on Amazon. The index lies between 0 and 1000. If you have a value that is too bad, Amazon may suspend new shipments of the goods.

Avoid carrying too much stock without active offers. Seasonal goods should not be stocked on Amazon all year round. Pay attention to your sell-through rate and use the Amazon warehouse mainly for your high performance products. For all other products, you can use our pre FBA warehouse and significantly improve your LBI value.