Fulfillment costs and offers

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Fulfillment costs and offers at a glance

An overview of the fulfillment costs and offers at Subke. As an online retailer, benefit from our offers and fair prices. Everything without a minimum contract period.

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99 plus VAT
  • Shipping as a large letter nationally
  • including pick & pack
  • including packaging
  • including postage
  • including 1st item each additional 0.40 €
  • up to 500 g
  • up to 35 x 25 x 2 cm
  • Incoming goods € 0.10 per piece
  • Price for at least 500 pieces per day


90 plus VAT
  • National shipping as maxi letter
  • including pick & pack
  • including packaging
  • including postage
  • including 1st item each additional € 0.50
  • up to 1 kg
  • up to 35 x 25 x 5 cm
  • Incoming goods € 0.10 per piece.
  • Price for at least 500 pieces per day

Please refer to the respective offer in your request.


Personal fulfillment – we offer you a customized fulfillment service. We discuss the requirements with you and implement the process in our Fulfillment system. A good partnership is very important to us. That is why we rely on fast communication channels and not on annoying hotlines or ticket systems. You will receive a personal contact person from us directly in the warehouse with a direct telephone extension. This enables you to react quickly in important situations.

Satisfied costumers

Satisfied customers are important to us! That is why we do not rely on long-term contracts, but on satisfied customers. You receive our fulfillment service without a minimum contract period and can cancel at any time four weeks to the end of the month and do not experience any surprises. Because when you outsource your goods, we only charge the cost per storage hour to make the goods on pallets ready for you to ship.


So that you can estimate the fulfillment costs in advance, here is an overview of our non-binding prices for the fulfillment of Subke GmbH. Prices may vary depending on the store. We would be happy to make you a personal offer. The connection from your shop to our goods management system, including a clear dashboard, is already included in the basic fee.

Basic charge

  • Fulfillment € 49,90

    Monthly basic fee - including fulfillment software

Fulfillment cost
Goods Receipt
  • Incoming goods item € 0,20

    Price per item with counting

  • Incoming goods box € 0,75

    Price per outer box without counting, must be single-type

  • Incoming goods pallet € 9,90

    Price per pallet without counting, must be single-type

Outgoing goods
  • Picking & packing € 1,40

    Price 1. Item including packaging

  • each additional article € 0,60

    Price per item

  • Shipping € ---

    Price on request - client contract or your own contract

  • Storage € 14,90

    Price per square meter - every 1st square meter is billed in full, each additional one is billed precisely

  • Storage € 9,90

    Price per palette (unmixed)

  • Returns € 1,50

    Price per return

  • Returns check € 1,50

    Price per item including visual inspection and storage

  • Return label € 4,90

    Price per return label up to 31.5 kg nationally

Pre FBA Service
  • FBA order € 2,00

    Goods issue - price per order, regardless of the quantity

  • FBA pallet € 9,90

    Incoming goods - price per pallet

  • FBA packs € 0,75

    Incoming goods - price per packs, sorted (not applicable for container unloading)

  • FBA carton € 1,20

    Outgoing goods - price per box

  • FBA label € 0,35

    Price per label

  • Remissions

    Price on request

further services
  • Container service 20ft € 270,00

    from 500 packages 20ft - € 350

  • Container service 40ft € 430,00

    from 500 packages 40ft - € 510

  • Product photos € 9,00

    We take photos of your products - price per photo

  • Create barcode € 0,35

    Create and apply barcode

  • Storage hour € 32,00

    Price per hour for work according to individual effort, e.g. inventory, or repackaging

  • Commercial hour € 45,00

    Commercial hour for e.g. customs clearance.

All prices on this website are non-binding and do not include VAT.

What are the costs for shipping and returns in e-commerce?

What are the average costs for shipping, packaging and returns per item, regardless of the costs at Subke?

This chart shows an overview of the average logistics costs in e-commerce.

Certainly the prices fluctuate and depend on the articles. That is why you will always receive a tailor-made offer from us.

Nevertheless, it is a clear comparison of fulfillment costs for shipping and returns management in e-commerce.

As an online retailer, you of course know your own costs for packaging, shipping and returns. But is that average?

If you, as an online retailer, want to hand over tasks to a fulfillment provider, you need a cost comparison.

These costs are also interesting for start-ups to get an overview for their own calculations.

Average logistics costs per item

The chart shows the average shipping costs per item in e-commerce in 2018. The study was carried out as part of the EHI study “Shipping and returns management in e-commerce 2019”.

95 well-known online retailers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were surveyed, 67% of which are also active in brick-and-mortar stores.

Ø Logistics costs per item in e-commerce
Up to 1 €
Up to 2,50 €
Up to 5 €
Up to 10 €
Up to 15 €
Up to 20 € and over 50 €
Shipping costs are not known

As a percentage of the online retailers surveyed

Number of respondents: 2018 n=95, by 11 Respondents unanswered

Quelle: EHI Retail Institute ® Handelsdaten 2021

What does fulfillment cost for your online business?

Our fulfillment at Subke is so extensive and individual that we cannot show all prices here.

Calculate fulfillment costs now and receive a personal offer.

Your articles and which services we should take over for you are decisive for the offer.

You can help us a little in advance! Make an enquiry and enter your details about the desired fulfillment in the form. Then we can make you a suitable offer faster. Thanks very much!


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