16 API interfaces

Marketplaces - Shop - Wawi systems

You sell, we take care of the order processing of your orders.

Our task is the complete goods management. A smooth exchange of data between your shop, the marketplace or your WaWi system and our WMS is crucial for this.

This is done through API interfaces and our fulfillment software, which retrieve all the necessary data from your system and update the inventory several times a day.

Fulfillment connection to shop systems

Do you run an online shop with Shopify, WooCommerce, JTL Shop, Plentymarkets or Shopware?

Then you can use our software interfaces for smooth data exchange between our warehouse management and your shop. The software automatically checks several times an hour whether the status of an order has changed.

The fees for the software interfaces we offer are covered by our monthly basic fee.

Of course, an open interface via ReST API or CSV is also available. We’ll help you!

JTL Shop

JTL Shop is powerful software that starts with a free version.


Shopify is a cloud-based shop system that you can use to build your shop using the modular principle.


Magento is a very sophisticated shop software with many features.


Shopware is a very popular shop software and is used the most in Germany in e-commerce.


WooCommerce is the official shop system for WordPress. It is very easy to install and use.


CosmoShop is one of the first modular online shop systems developed in Germany. It is available both as a rental shop and as commercial editions.
OXID eShop Logo


A German shop system for online trading in the B2B or B2C area.


An innovative complete solution for an online shop.


Gambio offers you many functions, interfaces and options that make up an online shop.


A proven shop system optimized for German e-commerce.

Fulfillment software for Wawi systems

WaWi Interfaces for data exchange almost in real time with warehouse management and daily inventory updates.

A quick and smooth connection to our WMS with various merchandise management systems (WaWi), such as JTL, billbee, Plentymarkets or weclapp is possible.

This means that all transactions are displayed transparently in real time, from incoming orders to outgoing goods.


JTL Wawi

JTL is powerful merchandise management software that you can already use for free.


Billbee is an easy-to-use merchandise management system.


weclapp is the ERP platform for teams. Whether CRM, merchandise management or accounting.


plentymarkets is an ERP and shop system. You can use the ERP system for offline and online trading.

Fulfillment connection to marketplaces

Amazon Marketplace

As an online retailer, you can sell your goods on Amazon Marketplace via FBA, FBM or Prime.


Easily manage your inventory.

Free interfaces


The right interface is not included?


Import data yourself via .csv file.


The data exchange with the fulfillment software in the JTL shop takes place via the JTL-Wawi. The JTL merchandise management system is connected to JTL-FFN (Fulfillment Network).

In JTL-FFN go to “Search camp” in the menu, enter the location “Kirchgellersen”, “Lüneburg” or “Hamburg” and select our “Subke” camp.

After you have sent the request, we link the connection to our goods management system.

Shopify API

Go to your Shopify shop under menu item App’s -> top right on “Create an app” and click on “Configure admin API areas”. Select and save access areas for products, orders and inventory.

Tell us the API key and access token under “API login data” with which we connect our goods management system (WMS) via the FFN Connect.

You can also use FFN Connect to create individual BOM items and thus sell product bundles on Shopify.

If you use JTL Wawi, you can connect Shopify directly via the JTL Connector.

Magento Shop API

The Magento shop system can be connected to our goods management system and the integrated API interface via the fulfillment software.

A new user with a new REST API can be created in the Magento admin area under Extensions. You can specify exactly which data the API should have access to.

You provide our callback URL and tell us the access API (token).

Shopware API

We connect the REST API from Shopware 5 – 6 to our goods management system (WMS) with FFN Connect. This creates a workflow that retrieves and updates the status in the shop several times an hour.

For JTL-Wawi users, the connectors for Shopware versions 4, 5 and 6 and a plugin in the JTL customer center for JTL-FFN are available.

WooCommerce API

The official WordPress shop system WooCommerce can also be easily connected with a plugin via the JTL Connector and the JTL Wawi system.

Our WMS is connected directly via FFN Connect. To do this, create a new key with read and write permissions in the backend under WooCommerce-> Settings-> Advanced-> REST API.

You tell us the API key and we connect your shop to our WMS. You get access to our fulfillment dashboard.

CosmoShop API

The Cosmoshop shop system can be connected directly via JTL-FFN (Fulfillment Network). The interface allows data exchange between JTL-FFN and our goods management system (WMS).

All movements, orders and deliveries of your items in our warehouse can be seen directly in the JTL-FFN dashboard.

Oxid API

The Oxid versions 4.9.6 to 4.9.8 can be connected to the JTL-Wawi system via the JTL connector and JTL’s own wizard. The data is transferred from JTL-Wawi to JTL-Fulfillment (FFN).

With the Oxid ERP interface, data can be imported or exported using files in .csv format.

A suitable .csv template for data exchange with Oxid can be created in JTL-FFN.

PrestaShop API

You can connect PrestaShop with the fulfillment software directly to our WMS interface. To do this, you need to create an API key in PrestaShop.

The JTL-Wawi system can also be connected to PrestaShop 1 via the JTL connector.

Gambio API

You can connect Gambio directly to our WMS interface.

The article data can also be exported/imported in Gambio via .csv and imported into JTL-FFN according to the .csv template.

xt:Commerce API

The xt:Commerce API enables data exchange via web services with your shop and our WMS system.

You can download the xt:Commerce API Plugin for free and install it in your shop.


JTL-Wawi offers connectors to many common shop systems such as Shopify, Shopware 5-6, Gambio, modified eCommerce 2, PrestaShop and WooCommerce. These connectors enable data exchange between the JTL merchandise management system and the shop system.

bilbee API

Bilbee offers an API interface that you can set up in the bilbee admin area. This interface can be connected directly to our goods management system via FFN Connect. For this we need the created API password from you.

weclapp API

weclapp can be connected directly to our goods management system via FFN Connect.

plentymarkets API

If you use plentymarkets, you can connect your shop directly to our WMS via FFN Connect.

In the JTL-FFN network, make a request to our warehouse (see video). We will then link you to our goods management system (WMS).

Amazon API

You can connect Amazon Marketplace and our goods management system (WMS) to the fulfillment software via the API interface.

But our WMS can also be connected to Amazon via JTL-Wawi. You can also deliver Prime orders via the JTL Fulfillment Network and connect with us as a fulfillment service provider.

eBay API

You can connect your marketplace on eBay to our fulfillment software via the REST API interface. If you use JTL-Wawi, you can connect your eBay marketplace directly to us via JTL-FFN.


A suitable interface for your system is not included? Then let’s talk about it. New connections to our merchandise management system can be created via the open REST API.


You can also exchange data with our Fulfillment WMS individually using a .csv file. To do this, create a template for articles or containers in JTL-FFN. To the existing names of JTL-FFN, you can enter your own .csv names. The template allows you to post articles and export reports.

FAQ - Questions about the fulfillment software?

We offer an API connection for many common shop systems and marketplaces. If yours is not included, you can upload the data via .CSV or use the open REST API interface.

The connection of the API interface is completed within a very short time and without prior technical knowledge. Thanks to the many standard interfaces that are already available, you as a customer are usually connected to fulfillment within one to two days.

Yes, you can also choose this option with us. Many shop systems offer the import and export of data via CSV files. CSV means “comma-separated values”, the data of which is stored in a table and usually separated with commas.

You get access to the dashboard of the goods management software. There you can see your items, defective items, open orders, delivery notes, whether products are missing, orders that are being clarified, completed orders, expected delivery of new goods and the marketplaces to which you are connected.

We have calculated the fulfillment costs at Subke in such a way that the fulfillment software with the API interface and a dashboard is already included in the monthly basic fee.

So that we can see and manage the items in our goods management system, you must first create them in JTL-FFN using a .csv file.

Yes, this will automate the shipping process. We automatically receive the orders and process them. We create a track ID and confirm the order as shipped. However, the customer only receives a shipment confirmation if you have set this up in your online shop.