Our bearing types

We offer the following fulfilment warehouses in Germany.

At Subke GmbH, we offer various types of storage. A warehouse for further shipment to wholesalers or Amazon and distribution warehouse for online retailers with our fulfilment service.

Distribution warehouse

We offer a distribution warehouse for dealers and manufacturers outside Hamburg. This means that, as a fulfilment service provider, we take over the dispatch of your goods directly to the end customer.

Picking warehouse

We store your goods, even partial quantities, in our shelving racks. After receipt of the order, it is picked, packed and shipped. You can also create product bundles in the shop, which are transmitted to us when you place an order.

Handling warehouse

You can use our warehouse as a transshipment warehouse. Pallets that we store temporarily in our high rack are particularly suitable. We ship the goods according to order to the desired wholesaler or to an Amazon fulfilment centre.

Pallet warehouse

We store your pallets efficiently in our high-bay warehouse. We unpack and pack your pallets. We stretch pallets, apply labels and ship them professionally to Amazon.

Procurement warehouse

Store raw materials, semi-finished products and items you need for production with us. With a good stock you secure your supply chain.

Spare parts warehouse

You urgently need a spare part? With us, you can store spare parts that you don’t have space for yourself or don’t need that often. Thanks to our very good infrastructure to Hamburg, the spare part is delivered quickly.

High-bay warehouse

Your pallets are quickly stored and retrieved in our high-bay warehouse. Optimal for later sending the goods on to a wholesaler or to an Amazon or eBay fulfilment centre.

Small parts store

Small items and clothing are stored in our clean warehouse in Kirchgellersen. The articles are stored in the shelf rack and can be picked quickly by the employee.

Cross Docking

As a supplier, you send us the goods already pre-picked. We ship the goods directly to the end customer. You can also use our warehouse for two-stage or multi-stage cross docking.

Warehouse outside of Hamburg
Storage space
0 Hours
Picking (working days)


≡ Dry storage

≡ Small parts warehouse

≡ High-bay warehouse

≡ Pallet warehouse

≡ Distribution warehouse


≡ Bubble wrap

≡ Taping

≡ Shrink film

≡ FSC® wood

≡ Eco-friendly packaging


≡ Alarm system

≡ Video system

≡ Sprinkler system

≡ Protection against moisture

≡ Access protection

≡ Frostproof


Distribution warehouse

Picking warehouse - Cross Docking
Warehouse Fulfillment Logistik

Fulfillment warehouse 1

Entry with barrier - Gate 1 - Pulverweg 6 in Lüneburg
  • High-bay warehouse, pallet warehouse, picking warehouse, bulky goods
  • Heated and secured
  • Firefighting system
  • Forklift on site
  • Barrier-free for lift trucks
  • No ramp
  • Height and width of the gate 3 x 3 m
  • Container delivery
  • Daily collection by DPD and DHL
  • Delivery time 8-15 h
  • Contact person Mr Reinhold
  • Phone number +49 (0)4135-29808035
  • No cooling goods

Handling warehouse

Distribution warehouse - Procurement warehouse
Lager Lüneburg
Lager Luener Rennbahn

Fulfillment warehouse 2

Side entry into - Lüner Rennbahn 26 in Lüneburg
  • Pallet storage, shelving, procurement storage, bulky goods
  • Heated and secured
  • Firefighting system
  • Forklift on site
  • Barrier-free for lift trucks
  • No ramp
  • Container delivery
  • Daily collection by DPD and DHL
  • Delivery time 8-15 h
  • Contact person Mr Schulz
  • Phone number +49 (0)4135-2980803212
  • No cooling goods

Small parts store

Distribution warehouse - Spare parts warehouse
Lager Kirchgellersen
Lagerhalle Subke
Lagerhalle Subke

Fulfillment warehouse 3

Roller shutter - Indusrtiestr. 30 in Kirchgellersen
  • Small parts storage, shelving, order picking storage
  • Heated and secured
  • Firefighting system
  • Electric lift truck on site
  • Barrier-free for lift trucks
  • No ramp
  • Height and width of the gate 3.5 x 4 m
  • Container delivery
  • Daily collection by DPD and DHL
  • Delivery time 8-15 h
  • Contact person Mr Kerekes
  • Phone number +49 (0)4135-2980803117
  • No cooling goods
  • No hazardous substances

Subke GmbH - Fulfilment warehouse, packaging and shipping


≡ General cargo

≡ Consumer goods

≡ Bottles and glass

≡ Spare parts

≡ Electrical goods up to 100 watts

≡ Packaging

≡ Print on Demand

≡ Daily shipping


≡ Storage

≡ Inventory management

≡ Order picking

≡ Labelling

≡ Palletisation

≡ Refurbishment

≡ Disposal logistics

≡ Returns management


≡ Cardboard

≡ Printed packaging

≡ Bottle packaging

≡ Bubble wrap

≡ Taping

≡ Shrink film

≡ Use of FSC® wood

+ Pro Fulfillment Warehouse

Distribution warehouse outside Hamburg. Your containers will be at our warehouse from the port of Hamburg in approx. 30 minutes.

Direct contact. You get a direct contact person in the warehouse in different languages.

Fast communication. You will receive a separate telephone extension for your contact person.

Support in German and English. The following languages are also spoken in the camp: Russian, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian, Serbo-Croatian.

Heated bearings. Our warehouses are heated, frost-proof and dry.

Only the used storage space is calculated. On the basis of the item dimensions, our software calculates the actual storage space used on a daily basis.

Contra Fulfillment Warehouse

No refrigerated goods. We cannot store fresh produce that needs to be refrigerated.

No dangerous goods. Unfortunately, we are not able to store any dangerous goods at the moment.

No jewellery. We only store designer jewellery, but not real jewellery.

Warehouse insurance separately. You must inform your storage insurance company that you are using an external storage facility.

No bonded warehouse. We do not currently offer a bonded warehouse as a temporary storage facility for your goods.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

We are liable for all damage to your goods for which we are responsible (e.g. due to improper storage or damage). Your goods are not insured by us in our warehouse against force majeure, e.g. natural disasters or fire.
Please inform your storage insurance that your goods are stored externally with us. If you do not have a warehouse insurance policy, we will be happy to provide you with a quotation for this.

A tour of the warehouse is possible by appointment. The camps in Germany are located just outside Hamburg in Kirchgellersen and in Lüneburg.

We select the most suitable location for your products based on the product category, requirements and preferences.

No, the goods are assigned to a warehouse location that fits the requirements. You know the location of your goods at all times.

No, we take care of the optimal storage of your goods. Billing is based on volume, so you don’t have to worry about storing products efficiently and professionally.

The storage volume is automatically calculated by our software on a day-by-day basis from the dimensions of the articles. This means that you only pay for the volume that the sum of your articles takes up. However, at least 1 m³ is always charged.

Yes, we will gladly forward the FBA goods for you via Amazon restocking and take over the necessary goods preparation.

In fulfilment, this refers to the return of items. Here, the item may simply need to be repacked if the box is damaged. However, parts of the item that are missing or damaged may be replaced before the item is offered for sale again.

Reconditioning, refreshing or polishing has increased greatly in recent years, which is good for the environment. Before a product is thrown away, it can be recycled in many cases.

If there are returns, i.e. the return of goods by wholesalers such as Amazon, the reconditioning of the goods consists of checking, sorting, repacking and labelling the goods. We can accept your remissions EU wide, in the UK and the USA.

Currently we do not offer a service for dangerous goods! In small quantities, we only accept lithium-ion batteries with lithium metal or lithium alloy up to max. 100 watts on. Cells with lithium metal or lithium alloy are used with max. 1 g lithium and max. 20 Watt nominal energy accepted on request. Special regulations necessary for carriage must be fulfilled in the process.

We do not currently offer a fulfilment service for fresh food.

We do not currently offer a bonded warehouse. However, we will help you with the import and handle the customs clearance in cooperation with your forwarder.

Yes, we are registered in the “Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister” and licensed through a dual system of disposal.

No, in the WMS Dashboard you can only see your own inventory. Other customers have no insight into your inventory. Only authorised persons have access directly in the warehouse.