Amazon shortens return periods: What customers need to know now

Kirchgellersen, 21.03.2024 - As of now, Amazon has shortened return periods. Most products can now only be returned within 14 days of receipt. Previously it was 30 days. This change affects customers and retailers who sell via Amazon.

Why did Amazon change the return period?

The shortening of the return periods by Amazon is explained by the fact that customer satisfaction is to be improved. Amazon assumes that customers will make their assessment of a product more quickly and therefore return it more quickly if they are dissatisfied.

Which products are affected?

The new return periods apply to almost all products sold on Amazon. Exceptions are e.g. food, gift vouchers and digital products.

Are only Amazon products affected or also products from retailers who sell via Amazon?

Both Amazon products and third-party products sold via Amazon are affected by the shortening of the return period, which will also have an impact on contract logistics.

Retailers who sell via Fulfillment Centerdirekt via FBM must also comply with the new return period.

The new return periods apply to almost all products sold on the Amazon platform.

Does the change to the return period also affect Prime customers at Amazon?

Yes, the new deadlines apply to all customers, regardless of whether they are Prime members or not.

What do customers need to consider now?

Customers should observe the new return deadlines and return products they do not wish to keep within 14 days. Otherwise they can no longer receive a refund of the purchase price.

How does the return process work?

Returning products to Amazon is still easy and free of charge. Customers can initiate the return themselves in their Amazon account under“My orders“.


Always check the return period before purchasing, regardless of whether it is an Amazon product or a third-party product.
You will find the return period on the product detail page under “Shipping and returns”.


The shortening of Amazon’s return periods is an important change that customers should be aware of. You should therefore observe the new deadlines when purchasing products from Amazon and return products that you do not wish to keep as soon as possible.

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