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Advantages for dealers and manufacturers

  • Outsource tasks and work as needed.
  • Reduce fixed costs for warehouse and employees.
  • Focus more on your own online business.
  • Use existing knowledge for warehouse logistics and packaging.
  • Use fast and reliable shipping processes.
  • Higher customer satisfaction, leads to higher sales success.

Advantages for Amazon sellers

  • Lower storage costs.
  • Send goods to the Amazon Centre only as required.
  • Increases the own stock index (LBI).
  • Compliance with Amazon’s terms of posting.
  • International returns management of returns.
  • Use the Amazon Vendor, PAN-EU, FBA or Prime programme through us.

Why are these questions asked in the form?

No, we are a fulfilment service provider ourselves and offer you our service directly. Your data will not be passed on to third parties. We will provide you with an offer directly.

We offer many different fulfilment services. You can select several services. If yours is not included, you can indicate it in the free text at the end.

From when? So that we can plan our logistics better.

The expected number of parcels helps us to plan for the tasks involved.

Current shipping? So that we know better about the status of the goods.

Return rate? In order to be able to better plan for the workload later on.

Enter the number of your items in the assortment / SKU here. This helps us to better estimate the effort of storage and inclusion in our system.

Which articles? We cannot include all items (e.g. dangerous goods, fresh food) in our stock.

Barcodes? Have you already labelled the products? This helps us to estimate the effort.

This information helps us to better estimate and plan the workload during the pick & pack process.

Select the option “Parcels”, please enter the dimensions and weight. This allows us to better estimate the effort involved.

Would you like to use maxi or large letters? Then we can offer you favourable conditions depending on the number per month.

In order to be able to offer you appropriate shipping prices.

Shipping contract? You can also use your own shipping contract with us.

So that we can plan our logistics better and to see if we can accommodate your stock at all. If you have well over 100 sqm³, please indicate your storage volume at the end of the form.

To get an overview of your products.

Other sales channels? To know if we can offer an interface and which way the orders will come in.

To whom we may send the offer by e-mail. A telephone number for any queries and a text field for your free entries.

You must select an answer for each question, otherwise you will not get any further in the form.

Read privacy policy. At the end you must agree to our privacy policy, otherwise you will not be able to submit the form.

If you have problems with the form or you prefer to write to us, you can contact us.

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