Storage space also expanded in 2023

Having already steadily expanded the storage area in recent years, we have now also expanded the storage area in November 2023.

With the expansion, the goods of new customers can be optimally stored and picked.

New distribution warehouse

We have already been actively planning a new warehouse in Kirchgellersen for 1.5 years. As soon as we have received all the approvals, we will start work on the new building immediately.

We are looking forward to the new warehouse with many new features for our fulfillment services and customers.

Are you a manufacturer, retailer or start-up looking for a warehouse with fulfillment services? Would you like to outsource your warehouse, use pre FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or cross docking?

Then request a customized quote now.

New warehouse space at Subke in 2021

Due to increased demand, we have expanded the warehouse space at Subke Fulfillment by 3420 m².

Why is online business growing so strongly?

While online retail has grown steadily in recent years, growth in e-commerce has accelerated significantly since the coronavirus pandemic.

It is not only coronavirus that is boosting online business in the EU, but also other changes in the market, such as Brexit and the abolition of the import VAT exemption limit of EUR 22 per parcel.

What does Brexit mean for online retailers?

Brexit is making the movement of goods between the UK and the EU considerably more difficult. Whereas goods were shipped directly from the UK to EU customers back then, this is now virtually impossible. Every single product must be cleared through customs and imported into the EU from the UK. That costs a lot of time and money. Online retailers from the UK who want to sell in the EU therefore have their goods imported directly into the EU and stored there. When an item is sold, it is packaged and shipped directly to the EU customer quickly and cheaply. Northern Ireland is an exception.

Why is it almost no longer possible to ship small items directly from Asia?

While there were intermediaries for products from China back then, the market has changed to the extent that traders from China are selling goods directly on the EU market. Thanks to an exemption limit for import sales tax, this also worked with small items that were not so expensive. Since the abolition of this exemption limit in July 2021, direct sales to end customers from Asia to the EU are no longer profitable.

Amazon's warehouses are full

Of course, the demand for warehouse space has not only increased at Subke, but also at Amazon Fulfillment. As a result, prices for storage space are rising and Amazon is paying more attention to how much is stored and sold. For smaller retailers, it will be more difficult and more expensive to stock directly on Amazon. By using external warehouses, retailers can reduce costs and still sell on Amazon with pre-FBA.

Steady growth in fulfillment

All these changes in the market enable steady growth in fulfillment. Not only does the storage space need to be expanded, but logistics processes also need to be optimized. Every online retailer has different requirements, which we fulfill. We offer storage space for pallets as well as individual parts and small parts in dry storage. Of course, we also pack your goods according to your wishes and ship them nationally or internationally.

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