New girth at DPD since 2021

There are maximum permissible dimensions for parcels. If the girth is exceeded, shipping may be more expensive or the parcel may be rejected.

From September 1, 2021 a new belt size will apply at DPD

What is a girth measurement?

The maximum permitted parcel size of a shipping service provider is specified with the girth. The belt dimension is calculated from the length x 1, the height x 2 and the width x 2.

Change at DPD from 01.09.2021

From September 1, 2021, the belt size of 300 cm will actually remain unchanged at DPD. But the permissible maximum dimensions change with a max. Volume of 150 liters. From September 2021, a maximum length of 120 cm, a width of max. 60 cm and a height of max. 60 cm.

What were the previous dimensions?

Previously DPD had a max. Length of 175 cm. This means that although the length has been reduced, the height and width may still be as long as the maximum girth dimension. is 300 cm. You can calculate whether you comply with this dimension using our girth calculator.

Observe dimensions in e-commerce trade

Online retailers should definitely pay attention to the belt dimensions of the parcels in shipping if they handle fulfillment themselves. If parcels are not within the permitted dimensions, the parcels may not be accepted and dispatched. If the parcels are sent anyway, there may be a surcharge and a surprise at the end of the month in the final invoice from the shipping service provider.

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