Ships to Northern Ireland

England has been a third country since January 2021. However, Ireland is an exception.

England has been a third country since January 2021 and there is again a customs border between the United Kingdom and the EU.

There is a special regulation for Northern Ireland, it is still treated as an EU member state.

This means that for Northern Ireland:

  • none Customs declaration,
  • normal sales tax handling,
  • and the Intrastat declarations (code XI).


This saves Northern Ireland an increased effort in customs clearance.


United Kingdom (UK)

There is again a customs border between the UK and the EU.

Despite the trade agreement, the United Kingdom (UK) is subject to export control approval requirements and changes to preferential legislation.

This increases the tasks for customs and extends the processing of goods. Supply chains are partially interrupted and increase the logistics process.

For companies that depend on import or export, the future effort and costs will increase significantly.

In order to optimize the logistics process again, it can make sense to store the goods in Europe and have them shipped.

Especially because many goods come from the Far East and do not even have to be delivered to the UK for the European market. This shortens the supply chain and reduces costs.

A fulfillment provider such as Subke GmbH can then take over the order processing for the company and send the goods directly to the end customer in Europe.

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