What does refurbishment mean?


Again a Denglish term that means something like reprocessing or repairing goods in fulfillment.

That can’t just be the packaging, the product itself can also be renewed. Reconditioning, refreshing or polishing has increased significantly in recent years, especially in the IT industry, which benefits the environment. In many cases, before a product is thrown away, it can be reprocessed.

In fulfillment, this means the returns of the items. Here it may be that the item simply has to be repackaged, i.e. when the box is damaged. However, parts of the article that are missing or damaged can also be replaced before the article is offered for sale again.

If there are returns, i.e. the return of goods by wholesalers such as Amazon, the reprocessing of the goods consists of checking, sorting, repacking and labeling the goods.

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