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Here you will find prices for letter postage and other helpful information required for logistics processing.

Find out what order picking is and how this important step in the logistics process helps to fulfill orders efficiently.
Shipping as merchandise mail is aimed exclusively at companies. Shipments as merchandise mail are suitable for small goods that need to be delivered cheaply and quickly. Warenpost can be used for national and international consignments.
The postcard is often sent home with various motifs from the vacation. However, it is also suitable for companies to use for certain promotions and to draw customers' attention to special offers.
A maxi letter can weigh twice as much as a large letter and be up to 5 cm high. There are also special maxi letter boxes for sending as maxi letters, which can be used to send brochures or permitted items.
The large letter is very suitable for documents in A4 format that do not need to be folded. Large letters up to 500 g and 2 cm high may be sent.
The compact letter is almost like the standard letter, but the letter can weigh up to 50 g and be 1 cm high. However, at 1.00 euro, the letter is also slightly more expensive than the standard letter.
Deutsche Post's "Standard-Brief" is a cost-effective shipping option for sending letters and documents in Germany. However, you can also send letters internationally.
Berlin, October 23, 2023 - The German government passed a law on Friday that significantly increases the truck toll in Germany. The toll is to be levied from December 1, 2023 on the basis of new CO₂ classes. The German government is thus clearly exceeding the EU requirements.
Contract logistics is a key component of modern supply chain management. This form of logistics includes solutions such as the planning, organization and implementation of logistics processes along the entire supply chain.
If you run an online business, you know how important it is that your products reach your customers quickly and efficiently. This is where a fulfillment service provider comes into play.
A fulfillment center is a warehouse and logistics center that specializes in the processes and handling of orders. It is a central distribution center that uses special solutions to help make order processing and the delivery process of goods to customers more efficient.
Fulfillment is an English word that means "fulfillment" and "execution" in German. In logistics, the term is used to describe the handling of order processing and delivery.
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Almost the entire e-commerce market is affected by supply bottlenecks. Even after Corona, the logistics situation has not yet recovered.
There are maximum permissible dimensions for parcels. If the girth is exceeded, shipping may be more expensive or the parcel may be rejected.
The end of cheap direct imports from China is approaching. From July 2021, new rules will apply to direct imports from non-EU countries.
On 12.02.2021 all parcels will be sent by DPD to the UK again in full after shipping was stopped due to customs.