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Repair, refurbish, recycle –
sustainable solutions for your products

We undertake the reconditioning (refurbishment) and repair of products for online retailers and manufacturers.

Upon receipt of returns at our fulfillment center, products are refurbished and repaired according to your instructions.

Repairing items is usually more sustainable than disposing of them. However, remanufacturing is often a labor-intensive task that we are happy to take on for you as a dealer. This saves time that you can better use for your online business.

Once items are restored to resalable condition, they are repackaged, stocked and shipped to the next customer.

What does refurbishment mean?

“Refurbishment” is an English term that is increasingly used in German. Refurbishment refers to product reconditioning, reconditioning, repair or refurbishment.

The term is often used in connection with electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops.

But this can also be the product preparation of golf balls, clothing or furniture.

However, the term is also used in English for the renovation or modernization of houses.

Product cycle in refurbishment

1. we send the Product to the end customer.

2. The end customer sends the Product back to us.

3. We check the Product .

4. We take over the refurbishment of the Products .

5. The Product is for sale again.

Which items are being repaired?

Generally, the returns are repaired by us, which are worthwhile from the seller’s point of view. We charge fixed costs for returns acceptance and visual inspection.

The repair is carried out in agreement with the seller. We discuss the requirements and desired measures with you.

You will receive a permanent employee with a telephone extension who is specially trained for your product.

We also employ master electricians who can perform extensive repairs with functional testing of technical equipment.

Koffer Refurbishment
Küchenmaschine Refurbishment

Which service is taken over?

At present, for example, we are reconditioning suitcases, routers and kitchen machines.

  • We take over the visual and functional inspection.
  • A cleaning with your specified cleaning agents.
  • Checking cables and connections.
  • Reset of the device.
  • Replacement of spare parts.
  • Foil and pack in a new original box.
  • On request with photo of the renewed product.
  • Resumption in stock, also as B-goods.
  • Items that are defective can be cannibalized for spare parts.
  • Professional disposal or return of the goods.

Recycling of returned goods

Unfortunately, not all returns can always be offered for sale again or you generally do not want to as an online retailer.

We will dispose of these goods properly for you. Of course, disposal at the landfill costs money. In return, you save on storage or your own disposal.

As part of our returns management, we can also offer environmentally friendly alternatives to disposing of goods if desired, such as passing them on to stationary retailers or wholesalers at a discount, charities and recycling projects.

Recycling Produkte

FAQ - Häufig gestellte Fragen

In the case of repair, only repairs are carried out; in the case of refurbishment, the articles are reconditioned, i.e. cleaned if necessary.

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