Sell on Pinterest with the Shopify app

Since March 2021, online retailers have also been able to use Pinterest as a sales platform and now connect their own store with the Pinterest app for Shopify.

Using Pinterest as a sales platform

Pinterest is a popular portal for photos and collecting ideas. More and more people are using Pinterest. In March 2021, Pinterest introduced new tools in Germany that make it possible to create different ad formats on Pinterest.

Pinterest Product Pins

Pinterest offers product catalogs in which the product pins can be inserted.

New display formats, such as:

  • Shop by Brand,
  • Promoted App Pins,
  • Shopping Ads,
  • personalized shopping pins and
  • Video Pins

your own products can be advertised.

Pinterest App for Shopify

Pinterest has developed its own free app that makes it possible to connect your own Shopify store with Pinterest.

This makes it possible to offer and manage products directly on Pinterest. The Pinterest app for Shopify is free of charge.

This allows product images from the store to be displayed on Pinterest.

This also enables a higher organic reach in the search engine and the acquisition of new customers.

Create a company account on Pinterest

To connect Shopify and Pinterest, a company account on Pinterest is required.

To do this, you must first create a private profile and then simply register as a new user on Pinterest.

Then log in to Pinterest and click on the down arrow on the far right. Click on Add account and create a Pinterest company account ➚.

You can find the Pinterest Shopify app in the Shopify App Store ➚.

Fulfillment connection for Pinterest and Shopify

The logistical tasks for picking the items, packing and shipping the parcels can be outsourced to an external fulfillment service provider.

However, orders must be retrieved from the store and transferred digitally to the fulfiller.

The fulfillment center can then take over the entire order processing for the online retailer.

However, an interface between the online store and the fulfillment center is required to transfer the data.

These API interfaces are made possible by special fulfillment software.

Orders are processed and shipped almost automatically via the fulfillment software, which also offers a fulfillment interface to Shopify.

This allows you to scale your online business more via Pinterest without having to do the extra work yourself.

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