New: Merchant specific JTL CSV report

For some online retailers, it is important to keep track of certain data in a report, such as the order status of items.

JTL-FFN Dashboard

A lot of data can already be viewed in the JTL-FFN dashboard. This includes the order number, shipping information about the warehouse, the shipping service provider, delivery address, details about the items and the order status. This data is usually sufficient for the dealer.

Dashboard JTL FFN Overview
Dashboard JTL FFN Overview

However, there are products with special requirements. For example, at Subke we have distributors who sell products that must be assigned a serial number during picking.

Now, of course, the dealer wants to know which serial number was assigned to which product. In order for this data to be created in a time-controlled and automated manner, a separate program had to be developed.

So our in-house developer Mato has written a custom program that retrieves all the necessary data from the JTL database and creates a report specific to the merchant.

Time controlled database queries

This way the retailer receives the CSV report daily at a certain time and can see in detail which serial numbers were assigned when packing the items.

Of course, this also works if the retailer has already assigned a serial number to the products. Then a report is created which item was packed and shipped to the customer with the existing serial number.

Information about the batches is also important.

Especially if there are problems with the product, it is important to know which batch the product was in. For example, it can be checked whether items in the same batch have the same problem.

With the CSV report, the retailer receives a daily overview of which items are sold from which batch, thus ensuring that the First In First Out (FiFo) method is adhered to.

Individual CSV report

However, other individual data can also be retrieved on request and sent daily as a CSV report.

Our developer Mato will discuss the wishes with you as a customer and customize the program. Just ask us for the CSV report you want!

CSV Report JTL
CSV Report JTL
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