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As a customer, have you bought an item online from a dealer or in an online shop? On the package is our sender address for Subke GmbH?

We are a fulfillment service provider. That means we take care of the shipping for online retailers. We are not the online retailer or seller ourselves.

Please check the order or invoice from whom you bought the goods.

Your situation?

Are you still waiting for your package? The online retailer gave us “Subke GmbH” as the shipping address? That can be true, because we take care of the packaging and shipping for online retailers. Please enter the order number and the online dealer in the form below.

If you have received a package incorrectly, please see if a neighbor is expecting the package. If no one answers after a few days, please contact the sender so that they can arrange for the package to be picked up. If we, the “Subke GmbH”, are on the package as the sender, please indicate the order number and the seller below.

If the goods are damaged, please look for a return slip inside the package. If you do not have a return slip, please contact the seller directly. If we, “Subke GmbH”, are on the package and there is no return slip, please enter the order number and the seller below.

Please check whether there is a return slip in the package. If not, please contact the seller directly. The company and name of the seller are in the order confirmation or on the invoice.

If we as a company with Subke GmbH are on the return slip, send the package to us.

There may be costs for the return! Depending on the online retailer’s terms and conditions, the return may be free of charge or corresponding shipping charges may apply.

Online retailer

We store, pack and ship items for online retailers. If you are not yet using our fulfillment at the gates of Hamburg, we look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to make you a personal offer .

For already connected online retailers

If you are already using our fulfillment and have a question, you can send us an email directly or use the form.

Is it the fulfillment software? Have you already submitted an inquiry to us at WEMALO or JTL? 

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