Orange Connex and Fulfillment with eBay

Some dealers are increasingly asking, who or what is Orange Connex? And what does all this have to do with eBay?

Who is Orange Connex and what does it have to do with eBay?

More and more retailers in e-commerce have been asking themselves this question lately. Here is a brief explanation.

Does eBay offer fulfillment itself?

Online retailers who sell on eBay can use the fulfillment of partners such as Orange Connex.

There are classic fulfillment costs for storage, order picking and shipping. The costs of eBay Fulfillment by Orange Connex can be requested directly from eBay. You can also find a price list for the fulfillment service directly on Orange Connex.

Do I have to use Orange Connex Fulfillment to sell on eBay?

No, you are free to choose which fulfillment service provider you want to use.

When selecting the service provider, it is important that you can automatically transfer the orders to the fulfiler. Either the Fulfiller has its own API interface to eBay or you use an ERP system, such as billbee or JTL WaWi, which have an interface to eBay.

What is Orange Connex?

A name that many may not be familiar with, but behind which there is an established company.

The Orange Connex Group was founded over 10 years ago together with the private equity investment company CITIC Industrial Fund and eBay.

It is a Chinese technology company with subsidiaries worldwide, such as Orange Connex Global Germany GmbH, which was founded in 2020 and is based in Berlin.

Orange Connex is a 4 PL logistics service provider and is therefore above the classic 3 PL fulfillment service.

The company undertakes tasks in the areas of logistics, finance, big data and other services such as market analysis, systems research and development, and resource integration.

Advantage of Orange Connex?

The company is well positioned internationally and offers global logistics services. 

Orange Connex offers direct shipping SpeedPAK to 51 countries, which usually takes 10-15 working days. This includes the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Spain, Israel and many other countries.

Orange Connex is a global, fair-priced logistics service provider specializing in eBay. Fulfillment via Orange Connex is a good choice for retailers who only sell internationally via eBay.

For which traders is Orange Connex rather unsuitable?

If you sell through your own shop or only through Amazon, Orange Connex is probably not suitable for you.

The processes are understandably highly automated. So you will not have a direct contact person in the warehouse, for example to be able to react quickly in urgent cases.

If you are looking for individual services, such as enclosing and printing cards “on demand” or wrapping the parcels with gift paper, a large company like Orange Connex is not the right fulfillment partner.

If you, as an online retailer, want to expand sales to Amazon and use pre FBA services such as FBA, FBM, PAN EU or the vendor program, Orange Connex Fulfillment is not specialized in this.

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