Fulfillment with serial numbers

As an online retailer, perhaps you sell products that have a serial number?

You have probably already assigned the serial numbers to the items in your online store.

For each order, the item with the serial number must be clearly assigned to the customer.

This way, you can also ensure that you have the correct item with the corresponding serial number when making returns.

What is the serial number?

The serial number is a unique alphanumeric identification of the product by the manufacturer. Thus, each product can be uniquely identified. In English, serial number means “Serial Number” with the abbreviation (ISSN). It is attached directly to the device. Often also found on the nameplate and starts with S/N: followed by a number.

In the laptop or PC, you can enter the command “cmd” in the search box, then “wmic bios get serialnumber” in the console. Then you will see the serial number of the device.

It is not the same as the article number (GTIN, EAN, UPC or SKU).

Seriennummer finden

Serial numbers for SIM cards

SIM cards also have a unique serial number. This allows the SIM card to be uniquely assigned to the buyer and user.

The SIM serial number is written on the letter you received or on a separate card together with the phone number, PIN and PUK number.

The mobile carrier sometimes asks for the SIM serial number from support.

Other products with serial numbers

Products such as a router, vehicles, machines, art objects, ID cards and jewelry also have a serial number. But most often they are used in technical products.

The owner can search for his device with the serial number at the manufacturer. This is often useful when a suitable software update or spare part is needed.

Why is it helpful to be able to manage serial numbers in fulfillment?

If the order quantity becomes too large, you may reach your limits as an online retailer.

A fulfillment service provider, such as Subke GmbH, can take care of tasks such as packaging, shipping and returns management for you.

With several employees and optimized logistics processes, large quantities of orders can be processed by us on a daily basis.

Your advantages to use serial numbers in fulfillment

You get the ability to track orders from start to finish.

If you sell technical items online, you need to make sure you have a reliable method of tracking your orders. This means that you must be able to trace each product back to its original source. It is not enough to simply say, “We shipped it.” – You must also be able to prove that you sent it and to whom.

The ability to manage multiple warehouses.

One of the biggest benefits of the serial number fulfillment system is that you can track each order as it moves through the warehouse.

Especially an advantage if you use multiple fulfillment warehouses or the cross docking process. This makes it easy to see where problems occur throughout the suply chain to the end customer, such as when an item is lost or arrives damaged.

Better batch management

With the serial numbers you can better assign the products to a product batch. If problems arise, you can pinpoint the products in a batch and target customers.

JTL Seriennummer

Manage warranty claims accurately

Electronic devices that you have sold and have warranty claims, you can accurately allocate them via a serial number. You can see which device it is and whether the device still contains a warranty claim.

Assign spare parts more easily

In order to supply the device with the right spare part, it also helps to locate the exact device type via the serial number.

Ability to provide better customer service

One of the biggest benefits of a serial number system is the ability to provide better customer service to your customers. This means you can more accurately and quickly answer questions your customers have about your products. In addition, you can manage your inventory more optimally and, if necessary, order individual products in time.

Offer custom labels to your customers

Create individual labels for each product. This makes it easier for your customers to identify which device it is. If you sell multiple items, it’s easier for your customers to recognize the device.

Serial number fulfillment at Subke

With our fulfillment, you can manage your serial numbers and enjoy the benefits mentioned above.

2 procedures are available with us

  1. You assign a fixed serial number to each product beforehand. Maybe this is already happening in your factory.
  2. We assign a serial number to the product when the order is received. This is scanned and saved in a .CSV file that you can download.

Let us advise you personally on the solution for serial numbers in fulfillment. We will be happy to answer your questions or show you the clear dashboard directly.

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