4 tips for Cyber Monday 2023

Cyber Monday is an annual event at the end of November when online retailers offer big discounts on popular items. It is also known as "Black Friday" because many online deals start at midnight on Thanksgiving Day.
Cyber Monday

Prepare for Cyber Monday

Here are four tips to help you prepare for Cyber Monday as an online retailer.

  1. Start early. If you want to sell on Cyber Monday, you should define and calculate your offers as early as possible. With what offer can you stand out from the crowd? What cross-sell and upsell opportunities can you offer to get a better ROI?
  2. Offer multiple payment systems. Use PayPal, credit cards, Amazon Pay and if possible purchase on account. Don’t charge fees on your Cyber Monday offer that make it more expensive.
  3. Be patient. Wait until after Thanksgiving to start advertising and ads. This makes the offer more effective and allows you to target your advertising budget on the days of 24.11. until 27.11.2023.
  4. Offer your deal via mobile apps. Give further discounts when customers buy through your app or a third party app. You can offer your Cyber Monday Deal in apps such as “Mein Prospekt”, “kaufDA”, “Mein Deal”, “Markt.de”, “rebuy”, “Digitaler Marktplatz” and of course on the well-known marketplaces such as “Kaufland”, “Amazon” and “eBay”.
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The figures take into account the entire Cyber Monday promotion period. Data from: HDE

Start planning now.

Make sure your budget is big enough. They may need more money for the production of physical products. Order the products from the wholesaler or factory in good time. Also take into account that there may be delays in transport and customs clearance.

Plan for an advertising budget and other marketing costs, such as for email marketing.

You need money for packaging, shipping and return costs. If you do the fulfilment yourself, schedule temps.

Create an email marketing campaign.

If you’re looking for ways to make Cyber Monday sales more efficient, consider email marketing.

This type of marketing allows you to send messages directly to customers who have expressed interest in your products or services.

Start informing your existing customers about the Cyber Monday offer a week in advance and via pop-up banners on the website.

Use email marketing to help prospects secure the offer. Offer a link directly to purchase.

After the sale, you can increase sales by cross-selling or up-selling directly by email.

Set up a landing page.

A landing page is a web page created specifically with your offer for Cyber Monday. But please only ONE offer!

The site is specifically designed to convert visitors into leads. It is also called a lead generation page, sales page or squeeze page.

These pages can be self-created or hosted by a third-party provider, such as LeadPages.com, ClickFunnels.com or Unbounce.com.

They offer templates that allow you to quickly set up a landing page with text, images and forms..

Inform or search for fulfilment providers in good time

If you already use a fulfilment provider, then inform them in good time about the possible order quantity during the promotional period. This helps the provider to plan and better process orders.

Advise in time the goods for Cyber Monday that need to be stored.

You don’t have a fulfilment provider yet?

Then you should contact a Request provider. Storage capacities and order processing are limited. Amazon’s warehouses are already quite full. Personnel must be scheduled in good time.

Take care of an ERP system, such as Billbee or weclapp, which can automatically retrieve the orders from the different sales channels.

The fulfilment provider then retrieves the orders in the ERP system and starts processing the orders.

Discuss with the fulfilment provider how long order processing can take and inform their customers about this when they shop.

For example, there are online retailers who have around 40,000 orders during the Cyber Monday promotion period. These cannot be picked, packed and shipped in one day and sometimes require 5 working days.

The goods come from abroad and have to be forwarded to the buyer? Then use the offered Cross-Docking.

Find out about the fulfilment costs. Using an external provider helps you as an online retailer to process incoming orders with returns in an automated way and to save costs.

Fulfillment costs?

To the overview of fulfilment costs and current offers.

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Orders are automatically retrieved from the online shop in the fulfillment company’s goods management system. The orders are picked from the warehouse, packed and sent to the end customer on behalf of the online retailer.

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