New JTL Shop 5.2 for online retailers

The new JTL Shop 5.2 is on the market just in time for the start of the year. The new version comes with a number of features, such as the template preview or creating various delivery addresses.

JTL Shop for online retailers

Online retailers can look forward to the changes in JTL Shop at the beginning of the year and use them immediately for 2023.

The JTL Shop has been in existence since 2007 and has constantly evolved to meet the needs of online retailers. This point is very important for users, because otherwise a store system can become outdated very quickly. Switching to a new system is time-consuming and often associated with costs. Online retailers should therefore use a proven system that takes into account the constant changes in online retail.

Easy handling

Easy handling is an important point. The store should be easy to use and easy to host.

The JTL Shop offers both. The interface is intuitive to use and fully developed. The hosting is professionally handled by JTL. If you have to host a store yourself, this can take a lot of time for inexperienced users.

JTL’s optimized web hosting ensures a stable runtime and fast loading speed of the store. Both are important for success and a good ranking on Google.

If the store needs to be expanded, JTL offers a marketplace with numerous plugins ➚. In most cases, a ready-made solution should be found there.

JTL Shop Design

The basic template can be freely customized. It offers a responsive layout for mobile devices and a good UX design. Both points are important for the customer-friendly use of the store.

Online retailers can use the services of third-party providers for individually created templates. For example, themes can be purchased from Themart JTL Templates ➚.

With JTL’s Onpage Composer, online retailers do not need any programming knowledge to create new pages in the store. This means that the store can be set up step by step and changes can be made quickly.

Product details in the JTL Shop

An important point for sellers is the product details that should be specified in the store. In the JTL Shop, details of product attributes, item dimensions and origin, sales tax, shipping costs or bundle products are easy to specify.

Data such as GTIN, ASIN, ISBN, Amazon, FNSKU, hazard number, UN number, manufacturer, batch or serial numbers can also be stored.

This information is important if an online retailer uses a fulfillment service provider and the orders with the data must be automatically transferred to the fulfillment center.

JTL Shop Workflow

Every experienced salesperson knows how important an optimal workflow is. Nowadays, data has to be transferred frequently. This is important for fulfillment and multichannel sales.

JTL is ideally equipped with extensive API interfaces for both. This means that retailers can also use the JTL Wawi system.

As a central system, all products and orders can be managed in the Wawi. The many API interfaces, also known as JTL connectors, allow multichannel sales on marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay.

However, numerous other store systems or several stores can also be connected to JTL-Wawi at the same time.

Retailers who do not operate their own store can also transfer data to 3 PL Fulfillment. To do this, you can use the JTL-FFN tool to create your articles and create orders.

Prices for JTL Shop and Wawi

JTL offers very fair pricing for beginners and professional users. The JTL Shop can be used free of charge for beginners up to 500 products. The same applies to the merchandise management system.

New JTL Shop 5.2 version

Now that you have a brief overview of the JTL Shop, you can better understand the new features.

New features have been developed in the frontend and backend of JTL Shop 5.2.

New front-end features:

≡ Variation selection in the gallery view
≡ New look of the configurator
≡ Improved OnPage Composer
≡ Template preview
≡ Color adjustment in the NOVA template
≡ Larger selection of header layouts with your own customizations
≡ Header plugin with default settings in the NOVA template

New backend features:

≡ Exclude price-linked items from discounts
≡ Determine the time period of bestsellers
≡ Create various delivery addresses
≡ Checking missing translations
≡ New function in the Pay-Pal Checkout plugin

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