Sunglasses at Subke?

Does Subke sell sunglasses?

From the sunglasses collection to fulfillment.

We keep receiving visitors to our website who are looking for sunglasses from the Subke collection and who make inquiries.

Instead of sunglasses, you can now find a fulfillment service on the website. Why?

Yes, Harald Subke had his own Subke brand sunglasses collection.

This included aviator glasses and fashion glasses for women and men. The collection has been sold successfully for over 10 years.

Other items such as umbrellas, purses and fashion products were also in the range.

Since Mr. Subke has been familiar with e-commerce for a very long time, he took on more and more tasks in logistics.

Fulfillment and Logistik

Fulfillment Subke

Today Subke GmbH takes on logistics tasks for numerous retailers in e-commerce.

This includes all of the fulfillment tasks. We store the goods, receive incoming orders, pick, pack and ship the goods to the customer.

But that’s not it yet, we also accept the returns, process them on request and store them again.

We also take on the preparation of goods for marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Otto.

Are you an online retailer?

Unfortunately, you can no longer buy sunglasses at Subke, but you can use our fulfillment service.

As an online retailer, we can relieve you of a lot of work and take on the logistics tasks for you.

We offer fulfillment for many different industries and products. Including, of course, sunglasses or other eyewear collections. Just ask us!

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Fragen zum Fulfillment

Fulfillment questions

Orders are automatically retrieved from the online shop in the fulfillment company’s goods management system. The orders are picked from the warehouse, packed and sent to the end customer on behalf of the online retailer.


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