Our transporter at subke fulfillment

Our transporter at Subke Fulfillment helps us to transport goods quickly between our warehouses. In urgent cases, we also offer transportation services for our customers in the Lüneburg and Hamburg area.

Fast transportation between warehouses with our transporter

We operate a total of 3 fulfillment warehouses just outside Hamburg in Lüneburg and Kirchgellersen and offer our fulfillment services.

We store the goods in such a way that we make optimum use of our storage space.

There are very different requirements for logistics and warehouse management.

We store goods for online retailers in shelving racks or on pallets in high-bay racking.

However, we also handle the temporary storage of goods with goods preparation for cross-docking or for bundling goods for the pre FBA service.

We decide in which warehouse we store the goods optimally. This enables us to optimize the logistics process in day-to-day business.

It may be that some of your goods are to be delivered to an Amazon fulfillment center. We can then use our transporter to bundle the goods in a warehouse, prepare them for Amazon and have them collected by the shipping service provider DPD.

Or you deliver additional goods to us that we have to decide to store your goods together in our larger warehouse. We can then quickly transport the existing goods from the small warehouse to the larger warehouse using our transporter.

As a customer, we will of course inform you where your goods are delivered and stored.

You also don’t have to worry about whether we are making optimum use of the storage space. With us, you only pay for the storage space actually used, which is recalculated daily based on the item dimensions.

Transport service of goods to or from outside

In special cases, we can also react quickly with our transporter and collect your goods from an external location in Lüneburg or Hamburg.

Hamburg has been an important hub for trade and logistics for centuries. With the rise of e-commerce and the increasing importance of fulfillment centers and fast transport, the city has become an important location for modern logistics.

One of the most important factors for Hamburg’s significance in the logistics sector is its geographical location. The city lies at the mouth of the Elbe and is connected to global trade through its port. Numerous transport companies have their headquarters in Hamburg, as they can transport goods quickly and easily from here to all parts of Europe.

This gives you as a retailer the advantage that your containers from the Port of Hamburg are delivered to our fulfillment center in just 30 minutes.

We use external shipping service providers and forwarding agents

We work together with shipping service providers and forwarding agents for daily international shipping.

Completed parcels are collected daily by shipping service providers such as DHL, DPD, GLS and UPS or returns are delivered.

For larger quantities or large items, we work together with forwarding agents commissioned by us. This means we can also reliably ship bulky goods for you.

Fulfillment for the stationary retail trade

Do you operate a stationary retail store and offer an online store at the same time?

This omnichannel strategy is becoming increasingly important for retailers. This means that customers can conveniently order products from you online, but can also obtain information or reorder products beforehand.

The“click and collect” trend is also becoming increasingly popular! This allows customers to buy the item in your online store but pick it up themselves in your brick-and-mortar store.

For orders with direct shipping to your end customers, we can take over the fulfillment service for you. Orders placed by 11 a.m. are usually dispatched directly to your customers on the same day.

You save a lot of time and require less storage space and staff.

We can collect the goods intended for fulfillment from your stationary store or warehouse in the Lüneburg and Hamburg area. These goods are scanned and stored by us. This means you can always see how many items you have stored with us in the goods management system.

Find out today about the advantages of fulfillment services at Subke. We will be happy to advise you and prepare a non-binding offer for you personally.

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