Further growth despite economic challenges in 2023

Hamburg - Subke GmbH, we are already a well-known name in the fulfillment sector, although we have only been on the market since 2015. So far in 2023, we have achieved further successes in logistics and fulfillment despite a challenging economic environment.

Expansion despite difficult market conditions

With a remarkable expansion of our customer base and an increase in our team, we as a logistics company have continued strength and focus on a targeted service.

At a time characterized by uncertainty, inflation and the effects of rising prices, we recognized in good time that strategic thinking and commitment are necessary in these times in order to cover costs. We therefore also had to adjust our prices this year due to increased costs in the areas of energy, transportation, wages and procurement materials.

Despite these adverse circumstances, we were able to continue our growth and further strengthen our position in the industry.

This is based on our determination to offer our customers an outstanding service regardless of market conditions. We offer a high degree of individuality in fulfillment and always strive to optimize processes.

“Our philosophy is to build partnerships and support our customers with solutions, even in challenging times. The year so far has shown us that we can work in a targeted manner through close communication.

Success in 2023 will be based on expanding the customer base, but also on adapting to customer needs. We have entered into new partnerships with well-known companies that value our services for the efficient handling of storage, order picking and shipping. This demonstrates the trust that customers have in Subke Fulfillment’s capacities and expertise.

Reliable employees

Another important factor for the continued growth is the addition of reliable employees to the Subke Fulfillment team. Despite the challenging labor market, the company has succeeded in bringing talented specialists on board who contribute to the further development of services and to coping with the increased demands and tasks. This factor is very important to us because every employee is also a direct contact for our customers.

We show that solution-oriented work and commitment can contribute to success even in challenging economic times. We may not be as big as the logistics companies Fiege or Activeants, but as a company we are proving that we have found a niche in the market through reliability with individual service and can continue to offer our customers a first-class service in 2023 despite adverse circumstances.

At a time when the economy is characterized by uncertainty, we at Subke Fulfillment want to continue to think and work positively for entrepreneurial strength, growth and stability.


The continuation of our growth looks to the exciting development and innovation of the future. An expansion of the warehouse space, 3 new employees by the end of the year and automation in the warehouse are planned. Even our new film wrapping machine for pallets helps us to work more effectively. We will report on specific details here.

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