E-commerce law

E-commerce law for online traders

E-commerce law for online traders

The requirements to consider all legal aspects in online trade have increased enormously.

Sellers who sell products online must inform themselves comprehensively and, at best, hire a lawyer.

Overall, it is of great importance for online traders to understand the legal aspects of ecommerce and ensure that they design their business practices in accordance with the applicable laws.

By complying with the applicable regulations, online traders can also gain the trust of their customers and be successful in the long term.

Our contributions do not constitute legal advice. They only inform and report on current issues.

Legal points for the online shop

  • General Terms and Conditions, Imprint
  • Data protection declaration
  • Right of withdrawal
  • Price details
  • Tax obligations

General legal aspects in e-commerce

  • Consumer protection law
  • Data protection law
  • Competition law
  • Copyright law
  • Differential taxation

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